Hello, ah yes, it's nice to see you too,

I lie through gritted teeth,

A reminder of somebody I once knew,

And I won't make the same mistakes again

You're nasty side,

With a poor disguise,

We all see, and nobody's fooled by your half assed act,

We've all seen you before,

And we've seen all your ridiculous lies.

We aren't gullible anymore.

We won't fall for the same trick twice.

And yet again,

I find myself trapped in obsolete irritation.

Ah, this is a tricky situation. I have an old 'friend' (who was actually an attention seeking, lying cow) and now I'm now longer friends, I've met someone a lot like her, and though I swear I won't 'make the same mistake twice' I'm still stuck in a masquerade of pretending to be her friend, which I know will eventually lead to chaos, only this time, I know what's at the end of the tunnel.

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