Kaleidoscope Of Memories - The Memories Of The Lost


Summary: One girl with an unspoken past... One guy with a fortunate life... As their paths cross, he tries to help her, she refuses, he doesn't give up... But... What happens when someone is after her LIFE? Will he save her...? ... Or... will he let her fall...?

WARNING: Rated T for swearing

Introduction - The Past That Haunts Me

In the year 2073...

"YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS CHARLOTTE!" an angry man shouted hysterically.

Policemen tried to restrain the insane man but to no avail. He suddenly appeared in front of me and hit me in the stomach with all his might before the policemen quickly restrained him again but this time with success.

I fell down to my knees and clutched my stomach in agony.

"Are you OK?" a policeman asked as the angry man was taken away.

I nodded but I suddenly felt something coming back up. I covered my mouth with my hand and coughed up blood... That definitely wasn't good... So is the fact that everything is becoming... a blur...

I slowly opened my eyes and was welcomed by the eerie white ceiling of a hospital room. I could faintly hear my family and friends silently crying. I guess they were worried that I was going to sleep forever just then...

I turned my head sideways and reached out for my husband's hand. He gripped it tightly in response.

"... Dear... Tell... Them..." I whispered with the last of my strength I had within me.

"... Yes... Just rest peacefully..." knowing my message, he replied quietly to me as he kissed the back of my hand.

I turned my head back round to face the ceiling of the hospital room and a smile slowly formed on my lips. I could hear the beeping of the machine silently fading...

On the brink of death, I suddenly saw a kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope of memories... The memories of the lost... The memories of my past... The memories that I loathed.

I'll take you back 60 years ago when I was 24, in the year 2013 and I'll explain from there what had happened...

On a breezy spring afternoon, sat a smiling girl on a hill. That smiling girl with flowing, long, hazelnut-brown hair, turquoise eyes and pale skin embracing the wind was me. Charlotte Rachel Gale, 172cm tall, weighed 54kg and occupation is a jewellery designer of the Stardust Company.

I closed my eyes as I embraced the wind and the fresh air. I took one deep breath in and sighed contently as I looked at the beautiful and vast scenery in front of me. I sat on a hill that had nothing apart from grass and a tall and proud oak tree. Surrounding the hill were many green fields and hills. On the right of the hill, there was a river that connected to a cascade waterfall. On the river were many ducks, swans, fishes, etc and in the middle of the river and cascade waterfall were large stepping-stones. Surrounding it were many little stones and flowers growing around the side. The view was simply breathtaking. All you could see was mother nature with the sun rising covering everything in its warmth.

I took my iPod and earphones out of my bag whilst I watched the first sunrise of the day. I began to play A Thousand Years by Christina Perri when I plugged my earphones in my ears. I hummed to the tune as the song started. Unconsciously, I started to sing along with the song.

My singing was being carried by the wind to the vast fields and when the song was over, I stopped singing to which the wind stopped as if only living for my singing. I smiled as I brushed some hair away from my face behind my ear. I got up and brushed off the grass from my brown shorts. It's the start of a new day today! I giggled and started to walk away from the oak tree. Leaning against the oak tree were two bouquets of pink carnations and two pieces of paper saying...

You are happy in heaven... right?

Little did I know that someone was leaning against the back of the same oak tree and that person was smiling to himself...

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*Pink carnations means I'll miss you.

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