Author's Note: This is a little short drabble from my friend and I's upcoming webcomic, Cambion. Have a great Holiday season!

St. Aric Day - A Christmas Ficlet

With the decorations all hung, the room looked festive with its red and green. Peter was excited for the holiday, his first as an adult, and he planned to volunteer as soon as possible. He was doing his best to be placed in the runnings- when his mother was having trouble hanging the strings of garland from the ceiling, he pulled out the chair and stood on his tiptoes to reach, even though Mark could have done it standing with his feet firmly on the ground. When they had all gotten together to sing carols of the patron saint, and hand out chocolates, he had been the first to get ready to go outside. And when it came time for the most onerous job of all- the butchering of the sheep for the dinner- he was the first to volunteer. Now, with the sheep in the oven, the cake cooling on the counter, and the fireplace lit and crackling merrily, it was all he could do to sit still and wait.

Finally, the food was finished, and mother beckoned Peter and his sisters and brothers to the table while she brought it out on large platters. Peter hurried to shovel food on his plate- he wanted to get this over with- but was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Sheepishly he froze, fork halfway to his mouth, before looking up and grinning at his sister.
"Peter, did you forget? We have to thank St. Aric for this bountiful feast!" she exclaimed, leveling him with a glare.
He nodded glumly, setting down is fork. He was fairly sure that Aric could care less about the feast, but tradition was tradition.
"Dear St. Aric, we thank you for this food we are about to eat..." Peter tuned it out, and stared at the portrait of the saint hanging on the wall. At least the man had one thing going for him- he was quite attractive.

When Peter tore his eyes off the painting, the rest of his family was already eating. His older sister smirked at him, and glanced pointedly at the clock. The time! He had to eat quickly if he wanted to be the one! He scarfed down his food, earning a disapproving look from his mother, but she soon shook her head and laughed to herself. She remembered her first St. Aric Day festivities.

When dinner was finished, Peter was dismayed to find that his mother was making him help with the dishes. "Carry your plate in, Peter," she said. "You don't want St. Aric to think we keep a messy house, do you?"

Peter didn't think the man cared at all, but he carried his plate over quietly.

Finally, the time had come. All the siblings lined up, and their father looked down on them with a smile on his face. "I think we all know who wants to go this year," he started. Peter looked up hopefully. "Yes, Peter. I know it's you. You've been quite helpful today, so-"

"I'll get my coat!" he squeaked, and ran upstairs. The rest of the family laughed.

Now, sitting outside on the doorstep, Peter was questioning his decision. He was cold and miserable, and he had been waiting for a long time. But soft, suddenly there came a light from down the street- Here came his savior-

"Aric, what the hell are you reading?!" squawked Dezi as he looked over the man's shoulder.

"It's about St. Aric Day," stated the man himself matter-of-factly. Dezi looked on incredulously. "They're just about to get to my orgy with all the newly chosen young men and women!"
"I don't even want to know," said Dezi, shaking his head and leaving Aric to finish his reading. "I don't even want to know."