Disclaimer: This essay was made with anger flooding the author's brain. Please bear with her. She needs the outlet.

They say it's good to have friends. They say that they provide a shoulder to cry on. They say that friends are the family you choose.

But I ask, at what cost?

You may argue that friends are gems.

But are keeping gems worth it when treachery lurks around the corner?

Each and every one of us has a unique personality. Each of those personalities have the ability to gain friends. Each have the ability to choose which person to give a piece of their hearts to.

But how do you know that the person you're giving you heart to is someone worth it? Do you risk it?

In this day and age, no one is safe. The internet has taught us that everyone has the right to voice out their opinions.

And yet not all of those opinions are right.

Like a coin, an argument has two sides. Unfortunately for me, the person on the other side of the coin is one of my best friends.

Drama occurs in life. I know that.

Misunderstanding also comes and goes. I also know that.

But I think silence isn't the solution to an argument.

A real friend tells you your flaws.

And because I valued her as a true friend, I thought she'd tell me what was wrong.

But I was the one who was wrong.

She stayed silent. Preferring to curse at me behind my back. She told another close friend of mine things that I didn't dare to ask.

She cursed me on social sites. Not naming me, but I got the message.

And as I read things she said, I asked myself: Why?

Why was she mad? I didn't even know what I said wrong. I didn't know what the problem was.

I found myself typing an apology letter to her.

She still hasn't replied.

She does things when she is angry.

I did this because I have no one to tell about. I don't want to bash her in front of everyone in Facebook.

So, I'm sorry Fictionpress if I burden you of my problems.

In the end, may you answer for me?

What are friends for?

Are they only for heart ache? Or something more?