Once there was a boy with innocent blue eyes who fell in love with a girl tortured by a devil's soul.

She tantalized him with a world full of high stakes and misdirection where nothing mattered because tomorrow was too far to see. She'd make him laugh and lure him out of his shell. She'd get close and whisper promises of forever. She brought him over to join with her as she basked in a white light of passion and denial.

She loved him. She really did, so much so that she thought she could mask her true colors behind a toothy grin and maniac eyes, and for awhile it worked, and he fell in love with this part of the girl, only one of her many colors.

But sometimes he'd glimpse other colors. When she receded into her own mind too much and hadn't sensed his presence was nearby, he'd catch her acting with an untamable red rage or hollow, dull grey. Some say the innocent, blue-eyed boy overlooked this, others that he knew but refused to let it ruin his perfect image of her.

One night when white shone especially bright, he kissed her, and all her colors came pouring out as her mind went blank. It filled with doubt and courage, assurance and envy, love and hate, everything and nothing. As her mind raced and she stood vulnerable, she didn't know who she was or what color to be.

He kissed her, and she cried. She hid it so well he was still left oblivious for one more glorious moment before noticing then he hugged her as a reflex, and a burst of red came to the surface. She shoved him away, the hatred for herself so overwhelming that she didn't want any to touch the innocent boy.

But it was too late, and he'd already been poisoned. She was no longer a magnificent white but a hectic rainbow with twists and turns and far too much to handle at one time.

And worse, the devil's soul inside her—who had cursed her with all her colors—had gotten a lick of the boy and began to tell her stories of pity and deceit. The boy said he loved her more for the colors, but her devil's soul revealed his lies, of how trapped he had become inside her world, of how happy he could be without her.

She said goodbye knowing that she couldn't save herself, but she could save him.

And the truth is, the boy would never meet another quite like her. He would always love her, but she was so blinded by her own self-hatred that she couldn't see that.