Furious, she blinks away tears, her thoughts racing, spitting out hatred thoughts of this boy who took her place in life- she should be the one laughing and playing with everyone, not him, so she runs outside and screams, pleading with a absent boy who doesn't even know how cruelly he has harmed her.

"Do you have to have everything? Being loved by everyone—fucking everyone—isn't enough for you?"

No one answers, the sky stares at her, as gray and dull as it was a minute ago, and she gives up. Because it wasn't far that she had fought for years to be apart of the group, of the community of her should-be friends, and this new kid, this boy, could just come up, randomly out of the blue, and be included. She was fine with that – there was nothing wrong with new people, but he'd taken her place, and she was left with nothing. The only thing she'd ever really wanted was to belong; she couldn't care less about being her own person – but she wants to belong, and she never quite belonged with them. And then he'd took away the little slice of belong she'd managed to achieve after years of cultivating it, nurturing it, tenderly and carefully, so now what could she do? She was lost – she had no one.

(and after devoting her life to belonging to a small group of teens, that, in all honesty, were as insecure and felt as thought they didn't belong just as much as she had felt, and were worried and scared for a girl who tried so hard to belong to them and never succseded -that was her, though they'd never tell her- what did else could she expect? Really?).