She paints him writing, and he writes her painting; inspiration, once striking one of them, in turn, strikes the other – they feed off each other, a symbiotic relationship, balanced in every way. They are each others muses; he sees an Aphrodite, an Athena, an Artemis – as she paints he sees a Juliet in rugged jeans and a pixie hair cur, little bits of Helena showing through, and he races, pen flying across paper, to capture what she sees. She is more realistic. She doesn't see Hermes or Apollo – no romeo comes to thought. She sees a competitor. In her mind, since he is so inspired, she should be just as passionate as he is – she will not be beaten by some boy.

It works, anyways – they are thrown into their art when they see each other work, no matter what reason. They are symbiotic and mutually beneficial and Eco- friendly and whatever and it works; and that's whats counts.