It's the wind that howls in ears when alone
the patter of rain against the tissues of brain.
It builds like thunder, a growing migraine
and nothing else matters until it stops, the rain

Cry out in the darkness of the hell its from
call for another, any other to hold hands
to comfort against the strong pull of hate
But never does it help- its never sated

Close eyes and will dreams of calming stillness
But the loud echoes long and never-ending
Voice crackling, cackling at misfortunes
And helpless to object, lie and wait longer

Though wander and never reach point
One thing remained clear to eyes of mute
Somewhere higher, on His throne of clouds
He stares down and grants mercy- undesserved

The rainbow after the storm, hanging high
the promise that would always be kept,
like His promise He is true, a saviour
for all that have gone through temptation
Through the hell from which it spawned