You Spoke

I saw you for the first time and I didn't care

I saw for the second time I barely noticed you were there

On it went three, four, five, and six but the seventh time we just clicked.

The moment you spoke to me my heart filled with admiration.

Every day after that I sat across from you at lunch.

All the rumors mimicked a hunch.

My crush hidden to you and I.

Though when we spoke my heart was filled with butterflies.

Others saw past my hidden emotions.

They figured out what lied beneath my motion.

My actions and mind alike they uncovered.

Your voice was like carmel on a candy apple, perfect.

The way you spoke was perfect.

But, you still didn't, still don't see it.

I say in my mind "No."

I say with my words " No."

In my heart, though I say "Yes."

For now, I'll pretend I don't care when you say

"I like someone else, you don't know her."

I'll put on a brave fa├žade

And pretend it doesn't make my heart ache

Then, maybe one day I'll be able to say.

"I've liked you since the moment we began to speak."