Author's Note:

Hello guys! I keep apologizing for not updating or for taking too long and I really am sorry! So, over the weekend I've been reading Eternal Flame and I really feel like carrying on with this story because I'd been so deeply involved at the start. But that was back in 2012 and well, my writing has changed for the better (I hope) and so, while reading this, I disliked the missing detail in certain descriptions. Not exactly how Kole acts or other Sins and Virtues, more how the scenes unfold. And I also kind of cringed at certain plot turns I took because back when I started writing this, I didn't have the least bit of experience. Now, I think I can do a better job. So this what I'm going to do: I've taken down the chapters and have begun re-writing them as I see fit. I'll be adding some more context and expanding on this mythology, and yes, some things might change in some chapters, like I might delete some scenes because I don't see any sense in having them at all or so early in the story. The first chapter will be up shortly and yes, I've included new scenes. I hope you guys will read it again and enjoy this remolded version.