Clio's POV

I told Kole I wouldn't do any major influencing while we didn't figure a way to counter whatever Theo could throw at us, but my soul was divided with a longing—the longing to see my family.

I lived Kole, but my brothers and sisters weren't left behind when it came to care. I loved them and I hadn't seen them in so long… Now that my memories had returned, that I was myself again I couldn't reject the pull I was feeling.

The pull to go to our dimension.

There were two dimensions we—Virtues and Sins—know of. One is where me and my family habit, the other is where Kole and his family live.

Humans are unable to see our dimensions simply because of the protective Veil surrounding their own dimension, their planet.

Sometimes, though, Humans got glimpses of what they called Aurora's and mirages, they see things that are unexplained. When that happens our dimensions are colliding, the Veil is renewing itself.

My dimension is separated in seven domains like Kole's. Each Virtue has their own land, house—in the end it's like a small kingdom and our 'people' are the Saints.

When I was Charis I got flashbacks remembering how my domain was, once I was standing on the marble seat, one by the lake it was midnight and now I recalled what I'd been doing there.

I'd been waiting for Kole to sneak into my domain.

Sins could get into our dimension and vice-versa. But it was different with domains, the Princess or Prince of the domain had the power to ban whoever she or he wished. When someone was banned from a domain they couldn't enter there would be a barrier keeping them out.

What Kole told me about Seekers getting into his dimension both puzzled and worried me. Seekers couldn't get into our dimensions because we'd all banned them from our domains, they could only enter again if someone went back on their word and I don't think any of us would be that insane.

For the time being I let all out of my head, I emptied my mind from any other thoughts that didn't concern myself, my family, my dimension. Taking a deep breath I felt as my body, my soul—became light, pure and simple. The particles traveled at astonishing speed, they broke the Veil between the Human dimension and the Virtue's.

Opening my eyes I was taking aback. All the beauty I recalled still laid before me. I was in my domain. The castle-like mansion with Gothic architectures, the lake—vastly calm waters—the roses growing like ivy that curled around every arch, column, then the lined torches that came alive at the fall of night.

Everything just as I'd left it. Unchanged.


Before turning around I knew the voice—filled with whilst hope.

"Pearl..." I whispered ghostly. "Pearl," I said with more conviction.

I was hugging her—i think she was crying, I couldn't be sure, but I was. Tears ran down my face. Tears of longing, I was crying because how much I missed her, tears of happiness.

My eyes didn't believe that she was there in front of me. Long hair, sparkling eyes—friendly diamond face.

"He did it, he actually did it." Pearl gasped shaking her head. "I can't believe you're—you remembered!" She cried.

I nodded holding her hands. Then I gazed down on my reflection in the lake. It was my true form—my soul body. The near-white hair, deep blue eyes... When we returned to our dimension or visited the Sin's own, our form was always our soul.

"Didn't I tell you once to have faith in Kole, that he was different?" I smiled kindly.

"Yes, you did—I should've believed you, you're always right, sister... I've missed you so much."

"So have I," I assured then looked around. "What are you doing here?"

Pearl released one of my hands, keeping the other in her hold like she was afraid I'd vanish—I understood her fear—with a finger she pointed to the steadily growing red roses.

"Someone had to take care of those," She always knew how much I loved them. "Me and Sydney have been coming here, taking turns, to tend to them."

"I see," I nodded smoothly. "Well, they look great, thank you."

"Anything for you, Clio." She was like a good witch, all about her screamed goodness. "I can't wait to tell the others! And I wished I'd seen Theo's face when he found out."

"No!" Pearl jolted with the sudden interjection. "I'm sorry, just... Theo doesn't know and right know it's best that he doesn't. Kole wants to find a way to prevent something like what happened before to happen again."

Pearl pondered on what I said and relented.

"I'm afraid he's right, Theo's reaction will have to put on hold." She snickered quietly. "But when he does know I want to be the first to see it."

"Agreed," I winked. "Where are the others? Are they here or on Earth?"

Pearl talked with me as we teleported to another domain. As I laid eyes on Damian my heart swelled and his mouth gaped, he lost his patience—which went against everything he was—the Prince of Patience. He ran to us, took my face in his hands, traced his fingers over my cheeks hoping he wasn't dreaming.

His reaction was expected we always were close, him and I. He was the second born I was the first and for a while we'd been each other's everything.

Kole's POV

I was good. Happy.

Just not for long, I feared. I had to find out what was happening with the Seekers, they shouldn't be able to get in. They weren't welcome, let's call it that.

Trudging through the long hallway that led to my older brother's chambers I thought of Theo and what he might do if he found out about Clio.

Why couldn't everything just be easy for one day?

With the deepest sigh I threw open the doors.

"Talon?" I yelled for good measure, looking around the deep purple decorated bedroom.

The floor-long curtains covered most of the light shimmering into the division, but once my eyes stopped on the bed it was made. My brother was up.


"Not so loud..." Came the groan, I crossed my arms. "Did I ever tell you how much morning visits tick me off?" He rubbed his neck yawning.

"Everything ticks you off," I smirked making myself comfortable on the velvet purple chair.

He wiped the thick strands of dark hair from his purplish-eyes.

"Not everything," My skeptical look saved me the words. "Alright everything." Talon admitted.

He was half-dressed about to pull a shirt on.

"I heard you got attacked by a Seeker," I propped my head onto my palm.

Being the Sin of Wrath he was used to cause—or influence harm, not be harmed, so when it happened he was a little more than pissed.

"Don't remind me," He said gruffly. "The bastard did a number on my back..." Talon turned his scared back and it was, indeed, an eye-sore. "I killed though."

I could tell a smirk owned a spot on his face then.

"Nice," I cleared my throat. "Is it true... that you were attacked here?"

Talon's eyes slit while he nodded firmly. My brother buttoned the white-silk shirt covering up his scared-messy-back.

"I still can't figure out how he got in—he was just here." Talon leant on a strong wall. "It was almost like he knew where to find me, too. He came right here."

I said nothing, because honestly there was nothing for me to say only that this was truly enervating—somehow this was going to make my life just a bit harder. Theo hadn't been enough to be on the lookout for, now I had to be constantly on a alert for Seekers, even in my own dimension—my own domain.

Maybe I should try and speak to a Death soul—they could know something. They were watchers, waiting for Humans to die to transport their souls. They were always watching everything in the Human world and the Seekers didn't have any other place to hide.

When I returned to the Human world it didn't came as a surprise to me where I ended up—Clio's home. Only she wasn't where I left her. First I thought she'd gone to work, I stopped a minute to feel her soul...


She wasn't anywhere. Gritting my teeth I imagined where she'd gone—to see her brothers and sisters. It was dangerous. Theo could feel her using power, each Virtue has its Sin—and as it turns out Theo was—is—Clio's Sin. Kindness and Envy.

They were somehow connected, like they could feel each other's presence a lot more efficiently and quickly. She could be putting herself at risk.

I hared that my brother was such a dick, but it couldn't be helped I guess... if only I could kill him—that would be great. I'd throw a party and dance on his grave.

I know this is short and I haven't updated in a few days, sorry about that! But I hope this gives you a little more insight of how the dimensions work. I also hope you enjoy the Virtues I'm only now starting to develop them, tell me what you think please! :)