Friendship, I thought.

No question about it.

It wasn't like I couldn't live without it.

Though when you said "Yes, we're friends."

I believed you to the end.

The days passed by and we hung out more and more.

We joked around and at lunch we sat together

In band, when I failed my solo you didn't laugh like all the others.

The first time that is.

The next time though you laughed the hardest.

When I cried because my bird died.

You mocked me and said "It was just a bird."

You didn't understand that he was my best friend.

You didn't stay by my side when I was alone without a friend

Then that fateful day, the day that caused me to wish I had never met you

Came along.

You told me that we couldn't be friends anymore.

"Why?" I asked though I knew the answer.

You told me and I walked away and refused to speak to you.

Once you were gone I burst into tears.

A year past and I didn't even speak to you once.

Then I ended up having to sit by you at lunch.

I looked at you then pushed my food away.

My friend that had just met you looked at my tray.

"I'm not hungry." I said.

The bell rang and I walked away.

The next weeks were filled with dismay.

I sat by you in class but I had no courage to bring up the year that passed.

I waited a few more weeks then asked.

"We used to be friends, what happened?"

You shrugged and refused to speak to me.

I sighed and thought, my mess oh well.

I give up!

I say now.

I'll never try to speak to you again as friends.

I may know you but we aren't friends you ended it two years ago.

Now, it's your fault that I'm uncomfortable around my friends.

Your fault that I feel like I don't fit in.

Your fault that I bury myself within.

Your fault that every time I remember that year I fill with sadness.

I can wish on every star in the sky.

But I can't go back to that day and change it.

Your fault I'll say.

But was it rally yours?

Or was it just meant to be?

Meant to be a friendship lost in a sea of sadness.

A/N: This event happened a few years ago up until this year I didn't even bother to say anything about it but I needed to get it off my chest.