I looked at the small cage.

My eyes filled with tears

My heart with anger and guilt

I looked at you lying on your back.

Motionless on dad's hand

I glared at the sandpaper throughout the cage.

I ran outside to the woods.

I fell down beside where we had buried your friend

And allowed the tears to fall onto the flowers.

I tried to keep from crying but I didn't have that much power.

I tried to sat strong as I walked back inside the next hour
My room reminded me of you

And how you'd never extend your wings and fly around again

Of how you'd forever be gone

Sand reminded me of your death.

Pet store displays sent me into tears.

I wished for you to return so I could fix my mistake

I wished for one more chance.

Even though I knew it was too late.

I cried myself to sleep for months, nearly a year.

Not a day went by without me shedding tears.

I wrote songs in honor of you.

Drew pictures too

Mom went out and got two new birds,

They were pretty but it felt like replacing you.

They were in your cage,

In your house.

It took a month but I finally gave in and bonded with one.

We had them a year then they became to much to handle

My mom gave them away and now again.

I'm in tears all the time.

I don't want to do anything besides write.

I've lost the love I had to for animals.

Charlie, if you were still here we'd still be best friends.

A/N: My bird died years ago and I still cry all the time. It hurts me to know that I could have stopped his death and didn't. Sorry if I had any mistakes I could barely see the keypad because I started writing and just burst into tears.