Here, in a small city, was where a small, fragile girl sat by a fountain. The fountain was dead set in the middle of the city, surrounded by a very large park. The girl was Scarlet. Bright rays of sun light shone down on her and peaked through trees. There wasn't many people in the park, but the few that were also seemed to be enjoying the day.

Scarlet stared down a dirt path, which stood out among the many concrete ones. At least to her it did. None of the other people took notice of it. Scarlet smiled softly at the path, unsure of where it led but she had a good feeling it would bring her happiness if she walked down it.

Looking behind her, she looked at the path she had walked to get to the fountain. It was darker, most of the light blocked by the dense trees, with very few rays of light. Scarlet could see things lurking in the shadows, and it made a chill run up her spine. It was so hard just to make it here, where the sun could bath her in its natural glory, washing away her pain and injuries from the treacherous journey to the fountain, letting her finally discover a feeling of being in touch with ones self. Now looking back on it, she couldn't say she had made peace with it, but she felt she could move on to more important things than the pain.

Scarlet turned back to the dirt path. It was different, not just another stamp mold made from concrete, made with strict instructions on how to be, appear, or where to lead people to. It comforted her, but at the same time, somewhere in the back of her mind, she was a little scared. This path could lead to anywhere, and though it seems to promise a nice destination, she still could never be sure. Would this path just deceive her, later on revealing the lurking shadows and pain? It scared her.

Scarlet fidgeted with her fingers. She couldn't stay at this fountain forever, could she? Something poked and prodded her insides. Curiosity. A bit of longing. Something else she couldn't quite name. She stood, made her way to the path, and wondered. It made her giddy, just to be standing before the path. If such a feeling could just come from the thought of walking down the dirt trail, then it couldn't be so bad.

Scarlet bit her lip, then started walking down the dirt path, the soles of her shoes thin enough for her to feel the bumps of a few rocks. She giggled a little, her eyes darting around, looking at the beautiful green trees, flowers here and there of different hues. Scarlet decided that she would take this path, no matter where it led. If the ending result was bad, it didn't matter, as the journey seemed like it would be just amazing.