so its christmas time and im not quite in the spirit so i write this to help:)


Wiith ribbons of red, green and silver

White snow, fluttering to the ground

Silence in the morning, on the outside

Where winds laugh, the sun and moon meet in harmony

Take a look, just in the window

Pick any house, the one down the street

Or even in another town, Still the same

Children gathered in a bedroom, joyful yawns

No sleep last night, Not that it matters

Excitement will do, awaken the smiles

The sun has greeted the day, movement

Waking the world, but a special spirit is here

Moans, begging for more sleep

After a night of preperation, ungranted

Back to the rooms, a single present laying in wait

First rip, the day is truely beginning

Footsteps, running, stomping and jumping

Down the stairs into the next room, eyes glowing

The sight, sending joy throughout

Presents, just for them waiting their turn

Not yet, a special breakfast

Maybe some bacon, a full english

Or sweets, before granting the wish of all

Paper laying, splayed across the room

Next to the car, visiting the family

Spreading their smiles, infectious joy

Traditions say, to sit and eat

A meal began, days in advance

Then exhaaustion sets in, sleep inevitable

The day has ended, with the suns last peek

The moon comes to see, a final smile is gifted

The spirit is leaving, waiting for a year

Cause now Christmas is over, it's time to sleep.