yeah so this is one that i have had for a while. its about a girl who has a secret which makes her believe she will never be loved and how she responds to that.

Comfort Smiles

She can sit
In her seat
Just watching the clock
Smiling and learning

But no one will ever know
The story behind her eyes

Of the tears locked up
Of the confusion she faces everyday
Of the broken life she lives
Of the frozen heart she keeps
Of her forgotten memories
Of her lost emotions

She sits there
With a life
Pieced together
From lies and hope

But no one knows
Of the pain
And the torment
She faces everyday
Just trying to get through this world

She sits there
Smiling to her friends
With laughter on her lips

Staying strong
And offering a smile
With love and comfort to those who need it
Because she knows she'll never get it.