okay i write this years ago but its still one of my favs so i decided to upload it please tell me what you think:)

Just What Is Love?

I whispered in your ear
The words you want to hear
I know the lie

Yet you are fooled
How weak you are

Yet still I love you
How did this happen

Loves so weird
But I wouldn't want it any other way

Let's just take what love gave us

Love is weird
And yet so perfect

How do we stop this?
It is unknown
I'm too far to be saved

This thing called love
A friend or foe
How do we know?

A foe to bring me down
Or a friend to make me stronger
Our dear old weird love

Is it known?
Is it not?
Has anyone found it?

The answer
The answer to love
What answer are we looking for?
Loves mystery is weird

Our dear old weird love
Why do you confuse?

Why do you make us to do it alone?
Must we find this answer?
Must we do it alone?

Our dear old weird love
Many types

The same
Yet so different

So similar
Yet so unique

Can anyone find it?

Loves reason
Loves true form
Love itself

Love that is not hidden
Love that is not faked
Love that is true

What is true love?
Oh how you confuse
Our dear old weird love

Will you hint?
Will you clue?

We ask
Yet we know
You will not answer

So shy is love
Yet so bold is love
The opposite of itself

Our dear old weird love
You say you're gentle
Yet you break so many hearts

What is love?
A monster
To be feared
To be fought

Or to surrender to
A monster of itself
An angel behind the mask
The devils child

Why do you hide?
What do you hide?

We know no answers

Yet travel to you

We look to you to save us

Good or bad
Right or wrong
Which are you?

You are all
Yet none

You are here
Yet you are gone

You whisper
But you shout
So dysfunctional

Oh how do you do it love
You stay sane
Yet are completely insane

How do you do it?
Dysfunctional love
Is it all love?
Our dear old weird love

So loving
So caring

Yet so misleading
Is it true?
Is it false?

Just who are you?
Our dear old weird love

Are you human?
Are you demon?

Are you angel?
Or are you different

Are you spirit?
Why do you stand alone?

How did you become so powerful?
How are you able to control our hearts?

So mysterious
Yet such clear feelings
You are one yet two
Just what are you?
Our dear old weird love

Such a confusing mind
Yet such a single feeling
So complicated
Yet so simple

Opposite of yourself
You stand alone
Queen of hearts
Take over our hearts
And make us strong
Or weak
You are so powerful
You give us strength
You cut us down
You keep us sane

Our dear old weird love
Are you pure?
Or not
Are you tainted by the devil?
Or blessed by the angels
How many forms you come in
One love
Yet so many different types

Just what form do you take?
The goddess we made
Or a pit of hell
A trap to make us fall
Love just what are you?

Our dear old weird love
Friendship and rivalry
Romance and hatred

The pure and impure
Is there any difference

Do we mistake you?
Are you love?
Or are you hate?

So connected
Are you one?

Two sides of the same coin
What mystery do you hold?
Our dear old weird love

So kind
Yet so mean

You bring us together
Then separate us

Then take us back

The hardships of love

The triumph of love

You bring us up
You bring us down

So rocky
A life full of changes
So good yet bad

Tell us what you are?
Our dear old weird love
Will you tell us?
Or will in never be known?

The world's mystery forever
Just what is love?