The bell made my ears die once again as it always did. After they got the new PA system it's been louder than it was, sometimes I find that relaxing though it sucks when I need to do my job every Friday afternoon at seven. "Maymay!" Sara screamed in my ear when we were in the hallway. I literally thought one day I was not going to be able to hear. "You listening to TFS PM today?"

"No, you kidding me? I've hated that fucking thing for as long as it lived. Tiff and her radio bull." I said. "My sister cranks it up every day just to listen to it." Sorry but I do listen to it all the time and it makes me annoyed since I hear it everywhere. I didn't know that it was so popular. I swear it's going to kill me one day. If only they knew.

"Aw," she said as I opened my locker and packed up. "She talks about almost everything. Today I heard Kim Kardashins toilet is $100K."

"Who?" I played around with her.


"Are you even aware that is not her real name? She gets her name from the station TFS. Tiff."

"Huh." Sara said. "I didn't know that. You know her?"

"As in matter of fact I do. She used to be my best friend…Tiff."

"Awesome! Could you get me a signed CD please?"

"I'll try." I closed my locker and we started walking. I tuned her out most of the time as I went over what I was going to say in the end.

"You're on in five," Marseille said as she made sure the audio disguiser was on. I sat in my seat and sighed. How long was I going to be able to hide this? Marseille gave the signal and I spoke the smooth, sweet voice of Tiff.

"Hello this is Tiff and welcome to The Far Side! We have some awesome guests today, including Carly Rae Jepson and the King of New York, Howard Stern. Give an applause will you?" I pressed the button and it made clapping noises. "All right, we'll start off this hour with our callers. Caller number nine, you're on."

"Hello?" I knew that voice. It took me a second to figure out who it was. Ben Burrows. I wonder what he wanted. I despised him ever since he embarrassed me by pushing me into the pool when I was wearing a white shirt. Though he said he was sorry many times, I ignored him; jokes don't play well in my world. But in Tiffs they do.

"Hey," I said. "What's your name caller?"

"Benji." Of course he would lie, he always does. That's just him. Though other people have some sort of alias as well to protect their privacy.

"Alright Ben. What's your problem?"

"It's Benji." He said again and I laughed a little. "There has been this girl I've liked for a long time now…" Abby Greening. No brainer. "But I totally screwed it up. I went out with one girl to get her attention but then she broke up with me when she found out. The other girl hates me because I played a joke on her which she totally hates." Ha-ha. Abby is popular but she doesn't go to parties, she focuses on her school work instead. She is popular among the guys because they trick her into doing their homework. That was likely what he tried to do. Ben was a total player no matter what.

"Ah, you're in a toughie." I said. "Well all I got to say is, get your fucking sorry little ass up and say you like her. There is no use in hiding in the shadows. But if you're a player…then that will be harder. Sorry man."

"I-I-I," he stuttered. "I will!" He sounded happier now. "By the way, your attitude reminds me of someone…" I did indeed sound like someone else he knew. Because I was May Waters. The girl he pushed in the pool. Because I was Tiff from The Far Side. The girl he liked listening to. Because I was both May and Tiff…I knew. I was Tiff from TFS. And I wouldn't be able to undo that. The rest of the hour dragged on as I thought about my real identity and whether or not I liked it.