"So you finally got a date to this thing and you're wearing that?" Sara exclaimed.

"Well yeah," I said simply, "It's not like its prom or anything." I was just wearing a basic white shirt with jeans and sneakers.

"No." She said. "No,no,no,no,no." She shook her head. "This won't do."

"It dos for me." I said rolling my eyes. Her lip twitched and she went over to my wardrobe, searching through it.

"God, woman. You don't have a single fancy thing to wear."

"Not true," I said, "this is as fancy as I get." I was hoping she got the joke but she just scowled at me. I smirked. This exact outfit was the outfit that I wore when Ben pushed me into the pool. I wasn't trying to pull a cruel joke on him; I just wanted to see if he remembered it. Because dislike is still dislike no matter how much you like the person. If that makes any sense.

Sara pouted as she found out her daring mission of rescuing my wardrobe went down the drain. Then she looked at me intensely and a thought dawned on her. "You're one sick woman…" Then we both cracked up. "Oh, yeah. Totally. Wear that and he'll be long gone." She was smiling. "Let's go to the ball hotshot."

When we got there, everything just seemed normal. It was what you'd expect. Dances aren't very dance like. Last time I went to a school dance it didn't turn out very well. A girl ended up getting strangled because of wanting to dance with a guy and his girlfriend didn't allow it, they had to cancel the whole thing. Quite funny if you ask me, I did a thing on TFS because of it. As a result, they almost sued the broadcasting place and I almost got fired because they didn't want my honest opinion because it could strike up controversy.

Christian saw me first. But Carry was hanging on his arm like a very depressed girl would hold onto a gallon of ice-cream after a break up. And the worst part was that she had the look of pure desire on her face. Slu-

"Tttary!" Mary squealed. "Look at me!" Carry let go of Christian to see Mary.

Correction: You'd also expect Mary, Carry and Tarry to be there. That is what goes wrong at every dance. Poor Hailey…She was the one that wanted to dance with good old Henry Stutz…I'm not sadistic. The funny part was when the police came and took Carry away. Unfortunately, Carry has a boat –no- the area of the U.S put together, load of cash. She got out at least a minute later after she was put in the holding cell.

Christian took the time to escape. "Yo," he said, "what up?"

"Just got here. You liking it?"

"No. Not really." He bluntly stated it. It made me crack up. "Anything wrong with that?"

"Nope. It's just the typical response."

"Why do people come here anyway?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Well," I started, "it gives you a reason to stay away from your parents and a psychotic sister. Most people smoke weed and stuff behind the school because the chaperones are almost never here because these parties are lame. Plus, there are many rooms, so when someone says get a room, they have easy access to one, or a bathroom if they prefer. Boos is usually smuggled in, Star Hill Beer at that. I mean, it's lame to them but not to some people. Saw a kid get almost naked because of a dare, somethin' 'bout the music selection." It was his turn to raise his eyebrows.

"What?" A corner of my mouth perked up as I shrugged. "I notice things." Pause. "Not like I ever do them. That would just be plain stupid." He smiled.

"I figured."

"Yeah, last time someone got strangled." I shrugged it off but he looked horrified. "It's rather amusing if you ask me." Another pause. "Not the strangling part but the whole thing."

"Ok…" Oh, man. This is awkward…

"May!" And Prince Numnuts saves the day. Christian turned and grinned at Ben. I just waited for him to come over.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What's happening?"

"May was just telling me about the dances and how someone got strangled." He said it so calmly I almost laughed.

"Ah, that?" Ben recalled it in his head. "Oh! That! It was rather funny if you ask me." Christian just stared at us like we were crazy.

Finally, I said, "if you would have been there at that time, you would have thought it was funny like everyone else." And that was the end of that.

The party moved on, Carry had somehow got Christian out of Ben's grasp. Sara was nowhere to be found. But when speaking of the devil, it comes. Sara was sprinting towards me yelling my name, to me it sounded like a muffle because of all the noise. At the same time Ben seemed to gain Christian back and was heading towards me.

The next few things happened in a blur. It took me a moment to interpret what had happened. Sara was in Ben's hands, they were staring at each other in utter shock. People gasped and some took photos of the scene depicted. I just pried Sara away from Ben. Christian was staring as well. I turned towards him.

"See?" I inquired kind of miffed. "Any freaking thing can happen and bite you in the ass." Then I hauled Sara away.