Final Moment

What happens when darkness finally falls upon me?
Will I be relieved?
Will I be scared?
Or maybe just plain confused?

What would my last thoughts be?
Would I think of family? Friends?
Or would I only think of myself?
"What would happen to me?"

What would I last see?
The face of a psychotic murderer?
A stained hospital ceiling?
Or the face of a loved one?

What would I last feel?
Could it be the warmth of a hand?
Or the coldness of concrete?
How about the softness of a blanket?

What would I last hear?
Quiet, whimpering sobs?
The beeping of a machine?
Or a car racing past?

What would I last smell?
My love's favorite cologne?
Or the home I am so familiar with?
The stench of sterilized instruments?

What would I last taste?
A plastic tube down my throat?
Rusty taste of blood?
Or my favorite food?

How many times have I realized that life is short?
How many times did I decide to live life to its fullest?
How many times did I act on that decision?
How many times has priorities stopped me?

I know life is short.
Short to the point that we keep our eyes on time.
But life is also very long.
Long enough to develop skills and knowledge.

But life is interesting.
It makes people curious about the end.
Makes you question your existence.
Keeps you wondering.

So life gives us choices.
Choices that shape the answers to these questions.
Hints about our final moment.
The moment curiosity is hopefully satisfied.