Sweet is every word that falls from her velvet lips. Hell is every moment she is away. Magic is the feel of her breath caressing my tender skin, raising my neck hairs. All that I need in this world is her- but mine she is not. I left her in the front of a storm, young and vulnerable. Each night she will haunt my mind- lingering behind the lids of my eyes, waiting for them to close and she will speak so softly to me. See her no longer I will; for she is lost to me- gone to her new home. Still I wait for her to return but I know it is too late for that, too late for anything.

Guyana, America, that's where she is right now and here I am Sedgley, United Kingdom, hidden from her for another year or two. She will come round in the Summer, when the holidays cross but we will see each other for no more than a day, the rest she will spend with her family. That day is all that I need to keep me going for the mere idea of touching her peachy skin and holding her cheek in my palm is enough to drive me insanely in love, but now it is over for I had to give my dearest girl away. Give her back to the wind.

I knew her as a child, together we grew up. She left for America at 11, leaving me stranded in this dead-end town. I loved her then and that love never left- until now. I can smell her perfume, feel her hand on my shoulder, breathing smoothly across my hair. As kids we had a place where we would run away and hide from the world, where we could be us without anyone judging us; that was the freest I have felt in my life and I still go there now- when I am alone and need her the most, and she is there- always.

Now we are older, old enough to realize that it is too far to be able to hold on, but I am not ready- not yet. I can not let her leave me alone on this island, I need her with me. The wind is full of her voice whispering her final goodbye. Bitter tears cascade down my bedraggled cheek, meandering across my cheekbone, they overpower my tongue with their salted taste, breaking me apart. How do I stop it? In my last minutes speaking to her, I allow the cracks to show and my face melts in my arms as the tears resume their flow, I am submerged within them- drowning in the remorse.

It is the end- of me, of us, of everything. I still love her and always will. Within my heart grows a hole swelled with depression and sorrow, and I am drowning in it, yet I do not care at all. Sweet girl, if you read this please do not cry or feel pain from my words, see that this is how I remember your face, your skin, your everything, you. My darling angel these words, you must see they aren't here to hurt you just to show how much I love you- that I would give you up just to protect you from the pain, my beautiful girl, I will always love you and this is how I will show it you, but you should forget me and move on for the both of us.