I bolted up in bed after having a nightmare… One hand was clutching my pendant, the other wrapped in my sheets. I tried to recapture the wisps of the dream already fluttering away. Something about my powers… powers… I laughed. I don't have any powers. But before I could keep thinking about the nightmare a bang at my bedroom door made me jump

"Julie!" Ann shrieked. "Why hasn't your alarm gone off? I'm the housekeeper, not your nanny. If your late again, I'm calling your father."

I wasn't faced by her threat, my dad, never paid much attention to me, he was right now in a business trip in Europe. I crawled out of bed and started getting ready for school… I put my hair into a pony tail today and looked at the mirror with a grin. I was one of the most popular girl in school and beauty was part of it. I was sixteen years old. I was five foot one, and even though I was sixteen I had a nice body with curves and boobs.

"Julie!" The door shuddered under Ann's fist.

"I'm almost done. Jeez would you calm down?" And I put on some final makeup.

"I'm picking up the phone, Julie," Ann Yelled. I grabbed my backpack and threw open the door to glare at her. And walked down the stares out the house and got on my sport car towards school… Yes we had money my dad bought luxury apartments, in the final stages of construction, then sold them when the work was complete. Since he was away on business most of the time, putting down roots wasn't important. Not for him anyways. I arrived at school and my parking spot was free. People at the school knew better than to take that spot. Ask the last girl who did. I grin evilly remembering how her car got smashed into pieces. The school personnel didn't do anything about it, because no one knew anything…. I lock my car and walked inside the school. My first class was Spanish I hated it, but it was mandatory two years of a different language. I always had good grades, because I could always get people helping me. After Spanish I was in my locker getting my next class book out. Then went to my next class, school was fun to me as always but finally lunch came by and I put my books in my locker and went to my table to. My friends would already have a tray with food for me…

They were all over me as bees over honey I smile liking the spot light and spend lunch eating and entertaining them… Lunch was finally over and of course someone offered to dump my tray for me. I let them and walked back to my locker. I was grabbing my book when Nate one of the school jogs turned me abruptly grinning at me like an idiot.

"What do you want Nate?" He lean close to me his face inches away from mine.

"You know what I want baby." He said in an attempt to sound sexy.

"How many times do I have to tell you I don't have time for a boyfriend?"

"But you like me." One of his fingers went up my arm making a trail, making me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

"I said no." I pushed him off me mad, but he recover trapping me again between his muscled body and the locker.

"Playing hard to get only works until you get the guy. And you got me baby." I glared at him. He was so full of himself. I know I was too, but people came to me. Not the other way around.

"I said NO!" I pushed him back and he hit the other side of the wall, some imaginary power emanated from me and made him collide on the wall hard as he pass out. "Nat?" My voice broke as I got close to him. He was out cold… I got scared, really really scared. How the hell did I did that?

"Julie!" It was the vice principal voice, Mr. John. He must have been in the halls and…I closed my eyes.

"I don't know what happened…"

"Honey you need to come with me… Well check on Nate…" He sounded scare. I walk towards him looking down. We arrived at the principals office and they made me sit down in a chair while they made some calls. After a couple of hours two guys dress in white came in sticking me with a kneedle making me fall asleep….