Great after a week on the run, I ended on the same place I ran from. In the same room, same bed…and alone… Dr. Davidoff didn't sent my Aunt to help me with the bloody nose, he just gave me a clean shirt and a wet cloth saying that I would see her, when I calmed down. Not the incentive I was looking forward to since my Aunt turned into a Traitor again. Victoria's mom wanted her own daughter dead.. And I would follow… that is, if I let them… I wasn't sitting down behave like a good girl. I was using my powers without remorse. I elevated my hands letting fury take me, as I knew it would make my powers better, and blasted the door open. The halls were empty thank God. I didn't wanted to start killing just yet… There was one guard coming towards me, I elevated my hands blasting him with an invisible energy, making him hit the wall hard and passing out. I looked at the monitor, trying to find my friends…I free Victoria first. She was a witch after all, and I needed her powers. Then we free Simon next, he was a little better. All three went to my Aunt and free her too, and that's when the alarms went off, we ran towards the exit taking down whoever came in our path. When we were about to reach the exit Victoria's mom appear being on the way of our escape.

"I have had had it with you!" Victoria said, about to attack her, but she use a binding spell on her. I used her distraction to blast her towards the wall hard making her almost pass out. Victoria blast her with the most powerful lighting bold I ever seen her throwing her… killing her mother… she felt to her knees. "Mom…" I pulled her.. We didn't had time, as we ran outside… Derek meet us in wolf form. I hugged him. My aunt yell at me, but I didn't care, I was really worry about him.

"Your ok." I hugged him for a second longer, then we took off. Once we were far enough Derek change started again, so I send the others to get a car, while we hided in the near by woods so no one would see us. The change to human was fast… We smiled at each other and held gazes, a voice made us come out of the spell.

"Sorry… Your aunt send me to give you this…" He handed Derek some clothes… After Derek was dress we both stared at each other and we were about to kiss when.

"What the?" It was Victoria.. I sigh… apparently, we wont share a kiss just yet… "So.. You two huh?" We didn't say anything. My Aunt interrupted stopping close to us, with a stolen van. We all go in and she droved off. But the van was hit by something making the van rolled towards the woods…surprisingly we were ok… we got out of the van and ran away deeper into the woods. After a while we didn't hear people following us, but I knew they were searching…. My aunt called Derek I started protesting.

"We don't have time for that…"

"It'll only take a second…" They went were no one could hear… I saw them arguing, then Derek lowering his head, then a nod… They walked towards us and we took off running I was so engulfed in the running that I didn't notice my Aunt separated from us until I heard her calling me.

"Julie!" She sounded in the other direction. "How did she got so far away." I was about to answer her, when Derek put a hand over my mouth. "Julie! Where did you go? We have to go…"

"I'm sorry." He whispered in my ear, as he took me in the other direction, as the other follow… After a while we heard a single shot. I gasped, but Derek was walking with a hand still on my mouth. My knees wobble, but he pushed me to keep walking as tears felt down my cheek… We were far away now, that they wouldn't get us… Two shadows appeared in front of us, as we halted, we were about to run the other way, when one of the shadows spoke.

"It's me kids…" It was the boy's father, and he was with my Aunt. I ran towards her and hugged her… After a couple of minutes I stared at my aunt…

"Dr. Davidoff?"

"They are all dead…" I nodded and we took off… We all climb in, in a van they boy's dad been living in and we drove us, before the group Dr. Davidoff called arrived… We arrive at another state, then stayed at a hotel. Mr. Bae (the kids father) rented two rooms, one for girls one for boys…and order pizza.. My aunt was taking a shower, so I went outside to talk to Victoria… She was sitting down staring at nothing..

"Hey… Are you ok?"

"I'll be ok." I nodded and sat next to her…We stared at each other for a while when a shadow appeared. It was Derek looking at me with a crooked smile.

"Hey, I though I-" He then notice Victoria and started retreating…

"It's ok." She's stood up. "I need a shower." She walked away, before I could argue. Derek sat next to me. We kiss and then.

"Julie? Derek?" It was his dad. Derek let out a growl that made me laugh.

"After we eat…we are going to a walk. A long walk." I nodded and we followed him to a room. At the room Mr. Bae explain that we were going on the run again this time from the new group.

"Lauren I know being in the run wasn't what you wanted…But I think you should stay with us…is safe."

"I agree."

"Victoria is coming too right?" I said suddenly, noticing how paled she looked.

"Of course.. But I suppose I should check if that's ok with her." He stared at her giving her a friendly smile. "Will you stay with us Tori?" He gave her a nick name. She nodded, and slide a smile my way. Derek and I went for a walk after dinner. Alone. We arrive at a kid of far away place for the hotel. I got in front of Derek with a crooked smile.

"So, seems like your going to be stuck with me for a while." He grin pulling me close to him.

"Good." We kissed losing our self in the kiss. I wanted to kiss him forever… This is what I wanted. This guy. This life. This me. I was never getting my old life back, and I didn't care. I was happy. I was safe. I was right where I wanted to be.

The End