self-control is something you're lacking,

dear girl.

i can tell it nearly breaks you

to be this close.

beauty has always been

your downfall, after all.


didn't your mother tell you it was rude to stare?

i know they're captivating

but please just look away.

they can't help it they're so tragic.

please don't gaze into their

wolf eyes

and don't touch their

rose petal skin.

every little thing about them

was made to captivate you.


if you hear the music,

run away.

don't just grip that

silly iron charm.

just a legend, sweetie.


really, how naïve can you be.


they'll invite you to dance the

night away.

i fear you'll get tired,

because their night never ends.


what are you doing?


no, that's exactly what i told you not to do.


do you even listen?


ignore me. that's fine.


have fun dying from exhaustion.

i just.. i dont even know.

first i was trying to write this haunting poem about beautiful things and how their not actually beautiful, but then it turned into this. as you can probably tell, this was just huge mess of me venting.

explanation: my sister is getting caught up with this really terrible guy **cough cough ex boyfriend of mine cough cough** and she won't listen to me.


okay, okay

im done.