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"50 000 dollars into the Japan share," he smirked. "Nope, I'm not crazy. You know I've always invested in that share."

After a few talking, he slapped his cell phone shut and lay back on his comfortable chair. The sun shone in and hit his brown spiked hair. The diamond on his left ear shimmers when the sunlight rays hit them.

Alex White or Al was the second CEO of the White Holdings. He was twenty six, graduated from the most prestigious university in the world and was the dream son of very mother. He was all nice and gentleman but behind all those, investment was his hobby. His father never knew, or he'd be stripped off his current position.

Alex had silky brown curls, marine eyes, tan skin and pinkish lips. He is six feet tall and has a muscular—not really—body. Rich, handsome and powerful—Alex White is wanted by every woman.


The brown hair looked up. His iPhone was vibrating and the screen was flashing, wanting attention. He leans over and looks at the screen. Then he smiles. Quickly, he grabbed his phone and answered it.

"Hey, Ben, did we get—"

"We got it, Alex. We got the meeting," Ben Freeman was panting and Alex could hear him trying to catch his breath. Slowly, a smirk crept its way onto Alex's face. He asked Ben for the address and thanked his friend. Then he hung up.

"Well, well," he grinned, twisting his phone. "Now I'm sure I'll earn more than a billion. No one can resist Alex White!" Then he got up and wore his coat, then drove off in his white Audi.

But Alex knew people feared him because of his father, Marcus White. Marcus was a very successful businessman and his ways of doing business was fearful. Marcus gets what he wants and he will do anything to get what he wants. Alex seemed to inherit his genes.

Like father, like son.

The grand building was painted in white. Orange lights brightened the place and a mirror ball hung on the ceiling, reflecting lights as it spun. Women were everywhere. Blonde, red, brown and black hairs were everywhere.

He stepped in and suddenly all the women squealed. The men who were flirting with the girls also turn around, awed by the figure that was getting out of the car. Some of the females swooned whereas some shamelessly threw themselves on the man.


"It's been so long since I didn't see you, baby…" A red hair whines.

Alex politely pries his hand away from them, smiling as he tried to make his way through the crowd. More and more woman clings onto him and Alex tried his best not to shove them off. He just brushed them off gently, whispering sweet nothings to them and quickly slide away when they swoon.

Finally, he saw Ben and quickly approaches him. Ben laughs. He saw the scene just now. Ben was a blonde with Mohawk hair, pale skin and a little shorter than Alex. Ben was Alex's best friend since high school.

"You sure are popular, huh dude?" Ben teased.

Alex groaned. "Please. I can't even stand their perfumes. Shit knows how much they spray on themselves." He muttered, gulping down a glass of mineral water. Ben smiled.

"Mr Guess is just there, come on, let's get him."

Alex nodded and followed Ben. A man in his sixties welcomed them. Christ Guess, the CEO of one of the most wealthiest and powerful company in the world—his fame is almost as intimating as Marcus. Recently he had just offered a billion dollar project to anyone who was willing and had the courage to do it. And Alex was more than willing to accept it.

"Nice to meet you, Mr Guess," Alex greeted, shaking hands with the man.

"Call me Christ," Christ replied, smiling back. Alex then took a seat opposite to Christ. He was aware of the empty space in the other chair but did not question it. Maybe it was Christ's wife. But what came out from Christ's mouth was surely not expected.

"I'm sorry; we'll be waiting for another company's CEO."

"We're what?" Alex tried to sound polite but he couldn't hide the surprise on his face.

Christ smiled. "Sorry, but I've thought that both companies have potentials…" he mumbled, scratching his neck. Before Alex could reply, a figure sat down and Alex's eyes widened.

The figure greeted Christ politely and smiled at Alex. Christ grinned at Alex. "This is Alex Jones. She is the CEO of the Jones and you company. Your competitor, too," Christ said. Alex's jaw hanged open. He couldn't believe it. Even if he was to have a competitor, at least it must be a man! But this…this…this is too shocking.

"Nice to meet you, Mr White," Alex smiled. Her voice was smooth and sexy. Alex blinked. What should he call her?

"Um, my name is Alex. Call me Al, if you don't mind."

The woman seemed surprised. "Your name is Alex too?"

Alex nodded, studying Alex.

"Well then, to avoid misunderstanding, you can call me Xander. It's actually my real name—Alexander." Alexander said, smiling at Alex. Alex stared. He was wondering how it feels like to have his lips on the luscious lips of Alexander, his hands on those curves and more perverted thought float in. Christ snaps his fingers in front of Alex and the man snapped out of his thoughts, blushing.

"So as I was saying, I will hand this project to anyone who can come up with a brilliant presentation on how to promote these units and make people buy it." Christ said. Alex was silent. An advertisement? He could manage it. Maybe.

The Christ left for another meeting located in another grand building. When Christ left, Alex scooted nearer to Alexander, smirking at her. He leans in and whispers in her ears.

"So…I'll exchange a paradise for that project, what do you say, beauty?"

Alexander smirked. She was a woman with straight maroon hair, big brown eyes and flawless skin. Her body was also the ideal image for any female population. At the age of twenty four, she had already owned a company that she built herself. She was by far the youngest businesswoman who could achieve such victory.

The maroon hair leans closer to Alex's ears too. "I never thought that you were so cheap, Mr White. Selling your body for a project," her fingers grabs Alex's chin. "Is so despicable." Then she lets go and stood up, brushing her dress. "See you, Mr White. I won't hesitate to play dirty if you do." Then she left.

Ben leans in to Alex and whispers to him. "Wow, she's really an airplane. Before you could get on, she's already left." Alex straightened his seating position and smirked amusingly at Alexander's leaving figure.

"She's amusing and daring, my dream plane," Alex mused. Ben nodded. "I will get on that plane soon. This is Alex White; I never back down without a fight."

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