I felt the cool wall behind my back. My wrists pinned, my arms twisted above my head. I had no idea what to do. I felt his warm breathe on my face. "I need you to stop this."
"But.. I was.."
"No. No excuse. This is the second time you've been caught." Behind him, another student flashed me a smirk. "One more time an you'll have to leave."
"Yes sir." He finally let me go. Coach gave me a
"Hey, wha'd you get snagged for this time?"
"Blake over there decided to test me."
"You need to control that little temper of yours." Jake's green eyes sparkled with laughter.
"Yes, yes, I know." Kate came up behind me.
"You forgotdidn't you?"
"Wha- Oh, damn. How much time do wwe have?"
"10 minutes. Let's go!"
"Ok, ok. See ya Jake!" He waved and turned towards his room as Kate pulled me towards our room.
"I picked out the PERFECT dress at the mall today!"
"Kat, I told you I wasn't going to dress up."
"If you want to be noticed, then yes you do." She sat me down in her makeup chair and covered my eyes. "Now, sit here, stay calm, and don't move." She handed me my headphones and I quietly obeyed, plugging my ears and playing 'Headstrong' by Skillet. Finally, after what seemed hours, she tapped my shoulder. "Done." I looked in the mirror, and someone else looked back.
"Now, step inside this dark closet and put this on." She handed me a covered back, then pushed me into the dressing room. When I was done, I walked back out.
"You've outdone yourself Kat." I admired myself in the mirror, then looked back at her. "What are you going to do?"
"Don't worry, I'll be ready by the time the party starts. Now, hurry up. Sky's wating for you outside."
"Thanks." I walked out the door and waved to Sky.
"Hey Jay, you look great! Hop on in!" I stepped into Sky's convertable as she rushed towards the club.