"I'm coming for you," a soft whisper echoed in my bedroom walls. I tossed and turned in my warm bed, covering my ears with a pillow, wishing the familiar echo would come to a stop. A cold gust of wind removed my blanket, exposing my goose-bumped legs. Strong, chilled fingers tucked loose strands of hair away from my face, sending chills down my spine. "We'll be together again soon," that familiar voice whispered again. I opened my eyes, sat up, and took a mouthful of air, trying to calm my pounding heart. One name flashed in my mind; Declan.

Every night I dreamed of him and the summer the real nightmares began. That summer was supposed to be all about adventure, fun, and hopefully catching that one hot guy's attention at the local beach with my friends. My summer would have been almost perfect if I hadn't met him. Of course I caught his attention. I was the girl who swam too far from shore and was almost taken from the current. He saved my life, but I didn't know he would ask for something in return.

After my coughing fit from swallowing so much salt water, I put all my weight on both my arms and pushed myself up to stand. My vision blurred and dropped. My whole body felt like lead causing my knees to buckle and I almost fell on the grainy yellow sand if it wasn't for the strong arms wrapped around my waist. I remembered looking at my savior for the first time.

Foreboding; a warning feeling that I shouldn't dare even look into the eyes of my savior because if I do, I would lose something I cherish. Yet, the pull of the temptation was too strong, and I found my eyes focused on his face. He's gorgeous…in his own unique way. He has deep set eyes yet his wintry blue eyes stood out from the rest of his playful features and contradicted the hot weather California is currently in. His disheveled dark brown hair looked as if he always ran his fingers through them. I remembered how he appeared and acted normal around me; it was only a lie to gain my trust and for the first time, fall for him ever so slowly. Nothing prepared me of what's coming next when he entered my life after this.

I was unable to sleep after I woke from my nightmare. I stayed up, tossed and turned until it was time to get out of bed for another day. I scrambled out of bed, walked to my closet, and managed to find a decent outfit for school. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, slightly satisfied. My makeup looks natural and hid my dark circles from lack of sleep. My oversized salmon pink off the shoulder sweater with black tights and combat boots ensemble gave me the appearance of a normal fifteen year old girl whose problems only involve about school, drama, and schoolwork; sort of.

I made my way downstairs to eat breakfast. The appetizing scent of bacon leads me to the kitchen. My father was sitting down at the table reading his daily newspaper while sipping his coffee. "Good morning Papa," I greeted him eating a piece of bacon. He lowered his newspaper and asked, "Is Milla awake yet?" I sighed. I hate waking up Milla in the morning; waking her up ruins my day. "Why don't we just leave without her? That will teach her a lesson." I suggested.

"As much as I'd love to, your father won't allow Milla to miss school." My mom said as she trudges downstairs. She had a frown on her face and was in a foul mood today after waking up my youngest sister, Noreen.

I finished eating my breakfast and started walking to school. I'm not waiting again and end up being late for first period. Red and yellow leaves fell all around me in different directions, dancing a pirouette before landing on the cold damp sidewalk. A soft gust of fresh air blew towards my face pushing my waist length wavy brown hair behind me. I smiled. Fall has always been my favorite season, but it's going to end soon.

Not a day goes by I don't think about him, or at least, forget about him. It seems as if everywhere I go things I see, hear, or feel, reminds me of him. After all, it's really hard to get over the first guy who ever gave me any type of attention besides being treated as a sister or a friend in a long time.

I was about to cross the street when suddenly I felt the same familiar cold prickling sensation on the back of my neck. I turned around anxiously as beads of sweat started to form on my forehead. Is it him? I saw no one standing. I need to stop watching scary movies, what am I talking about? I haven't watched a single scary movie ever since that incident, with the pit, the darkness, and the evil I went through because of him.

I refused to leave with him and live in his world forever. I can't leave my family and my friends…it was my choice! He didn't give me a choice. I'm forever haunted by his rage when I escaped from him. I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep again with the fear that his shadow will take me away again. My fear slowly subsided and I was happy again and I can function normally for awhile. He stood near a street post, his signature smirk plastered on his face. He's hauntingly beautiful, simply angelic. Yet he emits a dark aura I refused to acknowledge before, until now.

Although we stood on opposite sides of the streets, I can clearly see him and how matured he is now. He no longer has the boyish appearance from the first time I saw him. My breath hitched at my throat. He's back and his seemingly angelic smile, confirmed my worst fears.

He's no angel.


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