It shall here be noted that the world is not all black and white. Neither is it red and blue. As a certain book says, you can also have fifty shades of gray. But of course, in the case of red and blue, there is violet in between.

Myneah Campbell strutted around her neighborhood, toting a bag once full of seeds and whistling merrily as she passed Ms. McLachlan's house. The jolly girl had just finished delivering the ordered seedlings to her neighbors and was now walking towards her house.

The Campbells' house was a neat little cottage at the edge of their neighborhood, but behind it was a wide river which supplied most of the town's water and watered the fields of Harwing, the neighboring town. Myneah jumped over the fence and greeted her dog, Speckler.

"Hey, Speck, where's Ma?" she bent down and scratched the dog behind its ears. The Dalmatian swung his nose in the direction of the only blue window in the house, where two beady stared back behind the curtain. Myneah nodded and continued to the porch, where she opened the door with a resounding-


"Hello, hi ho!" she shouted.

"Hello, hi ho!" echoed her siblings.

"Hello hi ho," her father grinned at her before returning to his newpaper. Myneah closed the door with the same force and grabbed a chocolate bar on the dining table before going out the back door. The Campbells' field can be compared to a forest. Though only two hectares, the field was an array of fruits, vegetables, and all sorts of plants. Even Brian, her little brother, managed to breed Venus flytraps, but it died due to unsuitable weather conditions.

Myneah walked joyfully to her favorite tree, the Afzelia rhomboidea, called Tindalo in the Philippines. The wide berth of the trees and the height made it a good place to sit down. Myneah took off her bag and looked at the money. All in all, the total is thirty-eight dollars. She grinned. It was nine dollars more than the last delivery. Myneah closed the bag and ate the chocolate she grabbed, staring at the clear blue sky and feeling the cool breeze on her face. It is just a normal Saturday in the neighborhood of Teakwood.

Lucian's POV

Lucian Hearst closed his eyes in impatience and waved his maids away. He angrily swatted away the papers that covered his desk. Almost all of them had a big 'C' except for one, his favorite subject, Science. He looked at it with mild interest before staring out the glass walls of the Hearst mansion. His father denied him the opportunity to venture outside for once, saying that he'll be kidnapped and used for ransom, and his mother agreed by saying that his porcelain white skin will be tanned if he got out in sunlight, so Lucian had sulked again in his room.

The first and only time Lucian got out was when the town of Harwing held a ceremony of sorts to welcome the Hearst family into their neighborhood. That was when he'd met his first friend.


Lucian snuck past the guards of his father and stared at the townsfolk, fascinated. He's never seen so much people in his whole life. He slipped through the people with as much ease his ten-year-body could. There in the middle of the crowd, stood a girl with blonde hair and hazel blue eyes. She raised an eyebrow at him and approached.

"Hello, what's your name?" she asked kindly. Lucian stared at her, open-mouthed. He had been so accustomed to 'Master', what the maids had called him.

"Uhm, Lucian, Lucian Frederick Hearst." He said shakily. The girl extended her hand.

"Myneah Kathryn Campbell. Nice to meet you!" she chirped. 'How odd,' he thought, 'how can someone be so cheery?' he took her hand and shook it.

"Wanna be my friend?" she asked, grinning from ear to ear. Before he could reply, Myneah dragged him over to where most of the kids are.

"That's Megan," she pointed to smart-looking girl chatting with a girl with glasses, "And the girl she's talking with is Onalyn, while those boys are Cyrus, Marty, and Jay." She pointed each of them in turn. Suddenly the crowd cleared behind them.

"Master Lucian!" shouted the guards rushing towards them. He turned to Myneah, who looked at him, confused.

"Um, thank you for –"he managed to get out before his mother grasped his arm and led him away. Glancing back, he saw Myneah's half- confused, half-apologetic face before the crowd blocked his sight.

End Flashback

Lucian sighed. Wherever she was now, she probably would not recognize him. And if she did, how could he get out of this mansion? The door opened. His mother Regina clapped a hand on his shoulder.

"Do you really want to go outside?"