Secret Of A Skateboard

Adventure and stunts,

That's what I have been known for

With my orange wheels and rough black back,

I ride,

I ride on,

Here today,

Here tomorrow,

We play,

We play,

But I have,

Another meaning,

For comfort,

For hope,

Skinned knees,

And dry scabbed elbows,

I'm an escape,

I keep you concentrated,

Skateboarding made for fun,

But in secret,

I keep you

Living for the,


And through,

That time

My wheels roll,

Roll on the heated sidewalks

Grinding rails,

And doing 180s on turnpikes.

As you grow successful

I wear down,

Living each day with you.

But eventually,

I die,

Some break under your will

Sooner than others,

It may be a big deal,

It may not,

I still,

Ride on,

Holding you up

To enjoy life

Or to escape from,

The stress of it.

I am capable enough

To hold on to your memories,

Through happiness and


When you do flips and tricks

Or just an Ollie,

I cause you to feel more



Whether it's for the now

Or for the future.

Even when forgotten,

I ride on

Loyal to you,

Being your secret


I can hold on to your

Hopes and dreams

You just have to

Step on,

And glide forward.

An: This is a poem I wrote for my class, I hope you like it.