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It was a Tuesday night when it happened…

I woke up in the middle of the night and my husband was nowhere to be found. This should have felt like a relief. However I had this ominous feeling and I felt even worse physically then I had ever felt so this led to panic. I needed to go to the restroom but I was afraid to move in fear that I would either pass out or pee on myself. But there was this tightness in my whole body that I could not explain.

By this time I was around 4 months pregnant, and my high risk condition was improving, but I was still bed ridden. So as I slowly eased out of the bed to get to the restroom I felt a little confident in managing this simple task of going to the bathroom by myself without the need of my personal nurse or my husband. (On very rare occasions I had started to let help me with the most mundane tasks, such as bathroom duties, shaving my legs, and sorting my laundry and mail.) And although I was nowhere near getting over what had happened, I was getting used to him being there, well sort of. I was also trying to maintain peace for the sake of my sanity and unborn baby. However putting up with him and being tolerant is very different from being nice and forgiving towards him.

I heard a cabinet door slam shut somewhere in the house, which gave me an idea that my husband was probably in the kitchen at this late hour of the night. I began to make my way to the bathroom when a pain hit my side, after breathing through it I began to inch closer to the toilet and I finally made it right before I began to empty my bladder. When I got up I looked down in my underwear to see that I was spotting…

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" was the only thing I could say while I tried to maintain my panic.

However what happened next could not and would not maintain my sanity and as I screamed in pain and horror as I watched the blood burst out of my body. It was something out of a horror show as I slipped in my own large pool of blood and felt something becoming detached from inside of my soul. My hands were now covered in blood as my nightgown was becoming saturated in it.

"ALEX!" was all I could scream, over and over.

I heard someone thundering up the stairs and practically breaking down the door. I was finally able to tear my eyes from the horror show surrounding me and look up to see my husband's face pale as he took in the scene:

His young wife, sitting in a very large and growing pool of blood , in a what used to be a white night gown that was becoming redder with each passing second, hair in disarray and tears streaming down her face as she sat screaming . And keep in mind that she just suffered a traumatic situation a mere 2 to 3 months ago and now this…

He rushed towards me as everything was beginning to grow brighter and I knew that very soon I would pass out, again. He started to scream as well

"Henry! Call 911! "(Henry was my nurse who was staying in a guest room down the hall)

"Baby, I am so sorry" was all I was able to hear as he cradled me before I passed out from the loss of blood and the pain, not only physical but the pain in my heart as I knew my baby was gone.

So who all saw this coming? I played with the idea of her being able to keep her baby but I knew deep down that was not going to happen. I do feel bad for her lost. However there are still a few twists and turns as the story progresses, keep in mind her mental state has not been the same since the incident at the beginning of the story.