I look out my window, and see no one and nothing there glancing back at me.. I see not hide, nor hair.. Where is it you have gone in the snowfall?

I pace the room, glance at the clock..hear the unnerving sounds of the house.. Drip, drop.. Drip, drop.. Tick, tock.. Tick, tock.. It all makes me so anxious. I tell myself to stop.

That is when the phone starts to ring.. I thought it was you, but I guess that was wishful thinking.. It's 8:30 p.m. and the snow still continues to fall.. I am now worried, because when you're late you'd usually call.

I go back to the window, whispering your name in vain, this feeling of discontent was difficult to contain. This feeling of longing was driving me insane..

It is then and only then that I look back at the clock it is 9:06 p.m. I try to fix.. To be still my beating heart.. I regret trusting you from the very start.

As a tear ran down to my cheek.. That is when I heard a creak of the stairs.. I was so unaware that you were there, smiling; and waiting for me..with a cup of coffee. Where on my bed, at last content.. We stood there and looked out the window together.. At the snowfall.