How Happy

By Warrior Seadra

He stands among stuffed birds as though examining them. To the side, various awards are on display.

"A foreigner?" A female, voice questions aloud.

He raises his head in response, but does little else. He long since became accustomed to such comments. As a Latino in the 'Land Down Under," he is a rare sight for everyone.

"Maybe he's a student?" another, male voice questions.

"I'll ask." A third younger voice replies with quick footsteps following.

"No, stop!" a female voice says trying to stop the person.

"Hi," a young girl says to him with excitement. "You're a foreigner, right? Are you a student? I've never seen a person like you before."

A smile spreads over his face as he find amusement in the situation.

"I am so sorry." An older woman says stepping forward. "My youngest daughter can be very rude at times."

"She's always rude." another girl says stepping forward joining them.

"No, it's fine." he finally responds. He looks to the young girl and continues. "I'm a transfer student studying abroad from the States."

"The States?" the male from before questions. "You mean the United States?"

"Yes, sorry." he apologizes for the confusion. He continues and asks, "Are all of you a family?"

"That's right!" the youngest daughter happily exclaims. "She's my sister, she's my oldest sister, and he's my brother." she points introducing each of them. "Here are my mum, dad, and grandpa. This is my grandpa's table too!"

He smiles softly at the young girl's introduction. Upon seeing the expressions upon each family member, he sighs with happiness.

"What a happy family."