See You Later

In honor of my Grandpa

A 90 year old man lay in a hospital bed, his 25 year old granddaughter stood by his bedside.

"Come here Amy." The old man beckoned his granddaughter in a rough voice

"I'm here grandpa." She replied softly

"I am going home soon." He informed her

"That's great, when did the doctor tell you that?" Amy asked jubilantly

"They haven`t, I just know." He answered

Amy`s Point of view

I went out of the room to ask when my grandfather was being released when I heard a nurse yell, "We need a crash cart in 103!"

`103 is my grandpa's room! ` I thought "He can't die, he was about going home" Amy sobbed

Grandpa appeared in front of me in shining white robes in front

"I am home Amy; I was never getting better, this is what is best. I don't hurt anymore, I am in a better place than you can ever imagine; your mother and father are here, they are so proud of you." he said

"But I want you here with me." I cried

"Amy, don't cry. This isn't goodbye, goodbye is permanent. This is see-you-later. We will see each other when you come home." He explained then disappeared