A/N: Well, my first story I ever publish is plotless smut. "Just sit down and write down everyting that comes to your mind. Don't stop," my English teacher had once said. Well, this is all I have been able to get out of my dirty little mind. Anyway, I hope it is good for my first try.
WARNINGS: THIS IS TWO MALES RUTTING LIKE RABBITS. If you don't like it, why did you click on this? Go away. They are not related by blood but only in a spiritual way. So maybe incest, maybe not. *shrugs*.

Warm sunlight filtered through the green canopy, warming the great leathery wings of the beast. He lay on his belly in the soft grass, body splayed wide in content. His sightless eyes opened a fraction. Little flowers tickled him where he lay. He heard the soft flutter of wings as a sparrow landed beside his great horned head. He smiled drowsily and reached out a black taloned finger to caress its soft head. The little bird chirped without fear, jumping up to roost in the curve of one of his horns. He chuckled as others joined the first, chirping in chorus. The sound of heavy wing beats came towards him, scattering the birds to the safety of the trees. He frowned and turned his head to the sound as another beast landed not far from him.

"There you are!"

The first smiled and sat up. He'd know that gravely, angry voice anywhere. "You never fail to scare all my new friends away, brother," he mocked to the other. He heard a huff and felt his brother sit beside him in the grass. Even though he was blind he knew the other was a good head taller than him, a living contrast. While he had pale skin and hair like moonlight, his brother had hair crimson like fire and tanned skin. He was slim and lithe as an elm and he was thick and strong like an oak. They both had large membranous wings, curving horns and slim, strong tails. He could practically feel those golden eyes glare at him.

"You were specifically told to stay at the palace, Lusin. Do you want to be punished that badly?" he growled.

"And what if I say I do?" He leaned back on his hands, a smirk on his lips. He loved to tease his hotheaded brother.
Suddenly a hand fisted into his long hair, pulling him down to the ground as a warm body moved over his. This brought a wide grin to his face. He felt hot breath ghost over his neck and sharp incisors scrape against the sensitive flesh. "You actually want this, don't you?"

Lusin hummed in answer, his slim arms sliding up the other's muscled back to his shoulders, pulling his head down closer to his neck. He was rewarded with teeth biting into the column of his throat and a hot tongue to sooth the wound.
He moaned in pleasure, his tail warpping around the other's thigh like an anchor, his legs widening to accommodate his lover. "Mm, Diell!"

The wet appendage traveled along his jaw line, making him shiver. Something like 'you sadistic bastard' was muttered against his lips before they were roughly claimed, tongues battling for dominance. Lusin easily gave in, groaning as Diell suckled his tongue. Being dragons and in constant change, they never wore clothes so Lusin reveled in the feel of Diell's chest and hips against his own. He knew his brother's body from head to toe and ran his hands languidly along his muscular arms and shoulders, down his back and cupped his buttocks, pulling his groin heavily down upon his and moaning when Diell grinded back.

He gave a small sound of surprise when he was flipped onto his stomach, his hips lifted high. He was about to question but all that came from his mouth was a low groan as Diell's tongue lathed at his entrance, hand slipping between his thighs to stroke his arousal. He wantonly pushed his hips back as the tongue prodded shallowly inside, then deeper. The double stimulation made him quiver and he groaned as the hand on his length tightened. He reached his arm back, fisting his hand in Diell's messy, short hair.
"Please, brother," he panted. "I need you now!"

He didn't have to wait long as Diell straightened, a hand pressed firmly down between Lusin's shoulder blades, forcing down his torso as he positioned himself at his entrance. When the bulbous head was slowly forced into his tight passage, Lusin gave a slight hiss, a masochistic smile peeling his lips from clenched teeth. Once Diell's impressive length was fully sheathed within him he let out a drawn out moan. He shivered when he felt Diell's large, scorching hands glide over his hips, his sides. As Diell withdrew himself he suddenly sharply twisted the hard, sensitive peaks of Lusin's nipples. With a strangled cry, Lusin's body automatically lurched backwards, resulting in a violent thrust. The pain only coiled his pleasure tighter, stealing his breath and widening his smile. The feeling only burned hotter as Diell began to piston into him. The steady drip of fluid from Diell's arousal smoothened his thrusts, heightening Lusin's pleasure. He cried out loudly when that wonderful spot within him was being struck over and over with vicious relentlessness.

High and giddy off the onslaught of pleasure, he gasped breathlessly, his voice nothing but whimpers and moans. Above him Diell groans deeply. Giving into his primal instincts, he lets his head flop between Lusin's shoulder blades, his hand moving down to the other's erection, jerking it almost at the same pace as his thrusts. His strokes quickly became harder, faster, and more sporadic. He was nearing his end, as well as Lusin. Not wanting to be the first to come, he started to roll his hips back into Diell's thrusts, clenching himself tighter.

"N-ngh…!" Diell's short cry was muffled by his back as his body trembled violently as he came. Lusin wasn't sure if it was the sensation of Diell's hot seed filling him or the sting of his teeth in his shoulder that sent him over the edge. He let out a delectable moan as he came into the hand still pumping him. As lethargy settled into his limbs he slowly drooped to the ground, his body practically buzzing. Diell's heavy heat slumped atop him as they both fought to calm their breathing. With a deep sigh, Diell lifted himself away from Lusin to lie next to him on his belly.
Lusin groaned as he slowly lifted himself onto his elbows, stretching his wings high from where they had been crushed between their heated bodies, the light still flowing from the trees above making them opaque.

In the silence between them he heard the soft fluttering of wings. He burst into laughter as Diell let out an aggravated growl. The sparrows, reassured by Lusin's familiarity with the bigger beast, had begun to perch in both of their horns. Diell roughly shook his head to dispel them, only to have a larger number roost above his head. Lusin only wished he could see his 'twin's' flushed face as he pressed a soft kiss to Diell's sweaty cheek and placed a single white flower in his hair. Behind them their tails lay intertwined.

Note: Lusin and Diell are a symbol in my current fiction that I have yet to publish. They are known as 'the twin dragons'. There are many depictions of them in their dragon forms, tails intertwined. They symbolize the harmony between the sun and moon. Diell is the sun, Lusin the moon.
Thanks for reading~. (^.^)