The small girl stood on the hill, overlooking two strangers by the stream. She listened in closely, taking in their conversation.

"Please, kill me." The man spoke, desperation in his voice.

"What for, mortal?" The taller, gaunt-looking lady said, sneering at the man.

"I just...need it, ok? You said you would! Said it was a deal!"

The gaunt lady sighed, giving in.

"I did indeed say it was a deal...Very well then."

"Thank you..." the man said, so softy and sincerely that the girl could barely hear it, just as the woman bit into the man's neck, the man falling onto the cold stone.

The girl gasped, quickly covering her mouth with a pale hand, and hoping it wasn't too loud.

The lady walked off, blood dripping from her chin onto her rich, expensive-looking linens.

Once the lady was far off, the girl that had stood on the hill climbed down it, so carefully as to not alert the lady, or any wild animals. The girl finally came to where the man lay dead, blood seeping from his neck. The girl sighed, a look of pity on her face, and closed the dead man's eyes. "May you rest in peace, whoever you are."