There was once a very grumpy old man, who was one quick to anger, and deeply depressed. You couldn't blame him really, as he'd had an awfully troublesome life. His dear wife had left him for another, and all his children eventually came to leave him as well. One rather bleak October night, on the 30th, he decided to end it. He grabbed a rope from his shed, and a small wooden stool. He made a noose, slipping it around his neck, and did the dark deed.

The next day, of course, was Halloween, a holiday dedicated to the frightful and ghastly. The day passed, everyone assuming the man's corpse to simply be a decoration. Once it had gotten dark, all the kids of the town adorned there costumes to go out spooking and collecting sugary sweets. A group of older boys ran up to the old man's house, hoping to prank the poor old man, which was a time-honored tradition of doing so. When the children saw the man swinging from the tree, they, like all passerby, assumed it was simply a decoration. One kid threw a rock at the corpse, snapping the rope and sending the corpse straight to the ground. Another boy took out his pocket knife, which he kept for self-protection, and went to go and sever what they thought to be the decoration's head. As soon as the child made a first cut, the corpse's mouth opened, yelling out a blood-curdling shriek. The man had lived through his suicide!