Epiloge time!

Sam glared. Leanne was crying into her chest soaking her shirt and nursing a bloodied lip. The cheerleader was grinning. Blood dripped down the bloodied brass knuckles as one wielded a knife. The two cornered them and Sam would have ripped them to shreads had Leanne been absent. She grit her teeth and pushed Leanne behind her.

"Why did you cut her? I'm the one that ruined this damned school's reputation for "the Loveliest of Ladies and Gentlest Gentlemen'" Sher gripped her backpack.

"Any one who is a friend to you is a born sin" She raised an eyebrow and Leanne cried out as the girl lunged for Sam, rearing back for a punch. Her foot snapped out and she kicked her in ther face. the brass knuckles fell and She punched her in the gut. She spat out a few teeth and blood. Sam threw her back pack and watched as the girl fell as the bag struck her head. The knife wielding cheerleader gasped and looked at her friend. Sam quickly took this opertunity and grabbed Leanne's hand. Running Leanne follwed behind. Sam turned a corner and gripped Leanne's shoulders.

"Run! Go find a police officer or the principal! Call the cops and bring the nurse" Leanne blubbered and nodded. Her sparkling irises filled with tears. Leanne ran and Sam ran into the path of ther cheerleader.

"Hey! Crazy bitch over here!" She yelled and ran the opposite way of Leanne. The cheerleader almost had her. Sam turned a corner and found herself slamming the doors to the pool open. The cheerleader had a crazed look in her eyes and grinned as Sam gulped.

"No where to run Lezzy" Sam scowled and the girl tackled her into the pool. Sam took in a mouthful of water and choked a bit. The cheerleader's make up streaked making her look crazy and slightly demonic. The knife cut Sam's shirt and skimed her belly. She yelped and the cheerleader sliced at her in a downwards arc. Sam reached out and caught the blade in her hand. Blood seeped out of her hand and the cheerleader's eyes grew wide. Sam slammed her fist into her face. There was a crunch under her fist and the knife fell to the bottom of the pool. Sam swam up and gasped and gripped the ladder. Blood seeped from her hand and she winced as she blood rush from a wound in her arm. She didn't see the girl surface.

"Aw Shit!" she dove under and saw her sink to the bottom. Blood floated up like a plume and looked kind of beautiful . Sam felt her lungs scream for air. With a few more kicks she put the girl over her shoulder and swam to the surface. Gripping the ladder she climbed up and laid the cheerleader down. She coughed and pressed her ear to the girl's chest. She groaned a bit.

"Whats it gonna be her life or your dignity?" A question popped in her head. She started pumping her chest and listening. She tilted her head back pinched her nose and breathed into her. She heard foot steps and she pressed on her chest and breathed into her again. Water bubbled up from her mouth and Sam let out a sigh of relief.

"Your alive" she said and laid on her back. Hands where at her throat in a second.

"You tried to kill me!" Sam grunted and punched her in the gut and slammed her knee into her crotch. The girl wheezed and Sam crawled backwards away from the heaving girl.

"Sammy!" Leanne cupped her face and examined her.

"I'm fine..." She groaned and Leanne hugged her. Her blood dripped down her arm and Leanne sobbed a bit. The princpal lepted the girl up as the nurse tended to the cheerleader.

"Hey thats not fair! Sam is cut bad!"

"There's only one nur-"

"Its because there homo- assholes! Well I've got news for you sir!" She spat out like vemon," We are straighter than the pole your wife dances on. Now if you excuse me I need to get to the hospital! See ya later fuckers!" She grabbed Leanne's hand. Her vision went fuzzy as Leanne helped her to her yellow bug.

"Gah.. Man I hate high school" she groaned as leanne opened up her first aid kit and Started cleaning and wrapping the wound.

"Lea.. How much longer? How much longer till we get to leave this shitty ass school and live our lives"

"Two months... Two months Sammy" She said crying.

"Hey.. Hey don't cry. Come on I dont want to bleed all over your seats" Sam said. Her Tears subsided and she quickly drove away from the personal hell made for the two girls.

"Hey Sammy?"

"Yeah Lea?" Sam asked dizzily.

"Is it hard? Everyone thinking your a dyke when all it is is that your a boy in a woman's body?"

"I'm not a boy... I just never had a mother's touch... Your mom's great and all but... Yeah.. You catch my drift." Sam said and leanne pulled into the Hospital.

"Thank god its like four blocks from school to the hospital" Sam groaned. After two hours she was bandaged up and at home doped up on pain killers.

"Can't wait to leave that hell hole" Sam whispered and fell asleep.

"Oh sweet God!" A girl fell out of her bed and groaned.

"Son of a bitch" She groaned and ran a hand through her boy short black hair.


"Yeah! Im okay Lea!" She got up and walked out of the room. The scar on her arm throbbed painfully. She rubbed it and traced the long healed cut. Leanne was the vison anyone would love to see in the morning. Long brown hair, soft womanly curves and tiny.. almost pocket sized. Sam chuckled and smiled at the girl making coffee.

"Sad excuse for a wife" She chuckled and entered the kitchen and washed her hands.

"Sorry... I kinda caught the toaster on fire.." Sam groaned and looked at the charred toaster that was thrown in the oven.

"Well at least you didn't throw it in the sink," She said and patted the woman's hair.

"Sorry Sam." The girl opened the fridge and pulled out fruit.

"So breakfast?" She juggled a few apples and grinned as Leanne squealled with laughter.

"Yes!" She laughed and Sam put the apples on the counter. She pulled out a knife and chopped the apples into tiny pieces. After putting them in a bowl she poured in some lemon juice in and let them sit. She mixes pancake batter and in a matter of minutes the house was filled with an amazing aroma.

"Mmmm Sam your the best!" Leanne said and devoured her meal. Sam chuckled and sat down with her own plate in hand.

"Mmm good day.." Sam said and sipped the hot coffee. Her face turned into a twisted expression of discust but she masked it quickly.

"Good coffee Lea" she complimented and Leanne beamed. Sam drank the entire pot and felt her stomach churn.

"Wow Sam you must have been tired,"

"No your coffee is just amazing.. Words could not describe that coffee it was so amazing," Sam lied and hugged her friend. Lea smiled and walked to her room to get dressed. When the lock clicked Sam grabbed the carton of milk and chugged it. Once it was finished she panted and coughed a bit.

"Hey Lea we need to go to the store... Need more milk" she said and threw the carton away.

"Kay!" She smirked as the overpowering bitter taste subsided. Sam walked to her room and quickly got dressed in a part of jeans and a black shirt. She could have passed as a man. Had she not had breasts, wide hips, large beautiful eyes, and a femimine face. She brushed her hair a bit and brushed her teeth in the bathroom.

Ready Lea?" She called out as she stuffed her wallet into her back pocket and old razor flip phone in the front.

"Coming!" She sang and ran out looking like the femimine little angel she was. They got into Sam's truck and made it to the store.

"Mmm I love the smell of Sam's club in the morning" Leanne said anf jumped out of the vehicle. Sam followed her around and pushed the cart as it got to heavy for the smaller woman.

"Hey Lezzy's!" Sam turned with the look of murder on her face as two girls from high school screached like harpies.

"Hey look Harpies!" She said and Leanne put a hand on Sam's arm.

"Sam that wasn't nice!"

"Your right Lea.. That was mean.. Harpies are much prettier," With that they left the two girls with jaws on the floor's. Sam smiled smuggly as they finished up and paid.

"Another day another toaster" Sam said and put the new shiny toaster on the counter and took the charred one out of the oven.

"I won't touch it this time!" Leanne chirrped happily.

"Good," Sam looked at the clock.

"Mmm tired...," she sat on the couch.


"Yeah Lea?"

"Can we go to Wallgreens? I need make up" Sam almost groaned outwardly but got up and took the small girl to the store around the corner. Sam found herself slurping a cherry icee and watching Leanne pick out her eye shadows and liners.

"Hmm should I get this color or this color?" She held up two identical colors and Sam gave her a look.


"Its the same thing Lea"

"No it not this is important" Sam almost laughed. The lady had a serious look on her face. Sam put more thought into it and pointed to the one in the sparkly case.

"That one," A worker came by.

"Oh you two are so cute! I'm so happy you show off in public! Gay Pride!" She giggled and Sam's eye twitched.

"Straight" She said and glared with all the fires of hell in her eyes.

"Ooh um sorry... I'll be going now,"

"Thanks," Sam huffed and Leanne got the sparkly package and Sam got another icee.

"Maybe I should tie my chest again.. Like I did for wrestiling so the other team thought I was a guy!"

"Haha I remember! I sat with your dad and I ran out to give you a water bottle. Some guy's asked if we were datting! Priceless!"

"Haha yeah.." The mention of that match made her scar sing and vibrate. She rubbed it as they walked back home.


"Yeah Lea?"

"Your the best wife I could hope to ever have. I love you"

"I love you too Lea... Even if you kill all my toasters" The friends laughed and watched tv the rest of the day.

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