Okay. So there is this guy and I really love him.

He's one of my best friends on this earth.

I named him my Pimping Alien.

He's in rough times and he thinks it's the end.

He doesn't realize that I already know that his happiness us just pretend.

This dumb kid doesn't know how much I care

Or get that I'll always be there.

He just has to ask and he doesn't understand that.

I'd walk through the snow and swim across the seas

If he just told me he needed me.

This kid is just adorable and cute

He's a chatterbox but at times you'd think he's mute

There is that awkward smile

That just make me want to laugh for a while

He's thoughtful and kind

And always tries to let you know you're on his mind.

He doesn't get how much people care

We didn't start just because it was a dare.

My Alien hasn't been in my life long

But I couldn't imagine it with him gone

He's a good friend and I wanted him to know.

That I wanted him to smile and for his hope to grow

I might not always be available

But I'll always try to be there

And act as someone stable

Just as long as he wants me to be there.

Life is hard and beautiful

But it depends on how we live and take it

We have to stay strong and realize

That there will always be people who love us

This kid needs to realize that I love him

And that every time I say it, I mean what I say

They aren't just words to me.

They are the words that I put my heart and soul into.

I mean those words every single time I say them

Especially when I say it to my Alien.

This kid doesn't realize that I care about him

Or that I don't care he's sinned

My Alien is someone special to me

But he doesn't even realize it.

I don't ever want him gone or for him to leave.

He's my Alien and I wanted him to know

That I will always be his Snow. 3