Hi guys, Neko here. I originally posted this story on my Fanfiction in 2009. I am currently working on a rewrite, so I am posting the old one in the meantime. I hope my stay at Fictionpress is just as enjoyable as mine at Fanfiction and I hope you read and enjoy my stories.

The sounds of a noisy lunch break floated in through the open windows of the library. Markiel scowled. He had come in here to get away from all the noise and relax; maybe even finish his English assignment. He picked up a book from the table and tried to bury himself in it.

Why do people have to be so noisy? he thought grumpily as a kid ran past the window screaming loudly. When the bell rings, why do people lose their heads? I just don't get it. He heaved a sigh and gave up on the book. Glancing around he wondered why the library was suddenly so full.

A group of whispering, giggling girls bunched around one table kept throwing looks over their shoulders. Markiel frowned and curiously followed their line of vision.

Sitting at the table behind him was the school's heart-throb, Zephyr Adams. He was huddled over an encyclopaedia, a look of absolute concentration on his face. No wonder the girls were all bright red, his hotness was almost burning Markiel.

He angrily ignored them and went back to his book, even though his mind had become preoccupied. It wasn't fair. Zephyr had everything; friends, good looks, charisma, intelligence... and an amazing voice. It made Markiel feel resentful and jealous. He was short for his age and quite plain: tied up black hair, black eyes, glasses... The only thing that made him stand out was the fact that he was a mute. That was the reason he felt so isolated, because he couldn't speak his mind.

He fingered the personal organiser whish was his voice. He would write using the stylus pen and show the person. Sometimes he would use the speech function, but he knew it made people laugh, so he only used it in emergencies. He closed his eyes. He wished he wasn't such a loser. He longed to be popular and cool like Zephyr...

And once again Markiel's thoughts became muddled - he began day-dreaming about being Zephyr's love.

They were embracing together as the sun set. Everyone was so jealous, "Markiel is so lucky," they moaned. Zephyr's deep blue eyes stared into Markiel's black ones. With his elegant hand, Zephyr brushed the hair out of Markiel's face. "You're so beautiful, Markiel. They have a right to be envious." His face came closer and their lips met...

Markiel started, blushing furiously as his fantasy disappeared. Why the hell did I imagine that?! he raged in his mind. I said I wanted to be Zephyr, not be his! But yet he couldn't ignore the way his body tingled and felt hot and stiff. No way. I don't like him... Even if I did, he would never even know that I existed, he thought sadly, peering over at Zephyr. He wasn't there anymore. "Good. No more distractions," Markiel mouthed.

"Excuse me, are you finished with that book?" someone asked. Markiel jumped and looked up; his heart skipped a beat when he saw Zephyr standing before him.

Markiel nodded vigorously, blushing again. He picked up a book from the table and gave it to Zephyr, his hand tingling when they touched.

"Thanks... You're that mute kid, aren't you?" Zephyr questioned innocently. Markiel knew by his face that he didn't mean to offend him, he was genuinely curious. Markiel nodded in reply.

"Wow... That must be... wow," Zephyr commented breathlessly. "What's your name?"

He waited patiently as Markiel wrote a reply on his personal organiser. "My name is Markiel. Pronounced 'Mark-ee-el'," he wrote, showing Zephyr who read it, his lips playing with the pronunciation of his name. Markiel was enjoying watching Zephyr's lips wrap around invisible words. It made him long to kiss them.

"Oh. Markiel... What a pretty name. It suits you," Zephyr said. But before Markiel could react to the compliment, he said, "See you around then, Markiel," and strode away.

Markiel thought he would die. He just wanted to disappear. Zephyr Adams talked to him? He has to be dreaming! He pinched himself and winced at the sharp pain. He hated pain. Angry at himself, he gazed at the angry red mark he had left on his arm. Great. I'll have a bruise now!

The end-of-lunch bell rung and slowly the library emptied. Zephyr got up to leave just as Markiel left.

"Hey, Markiel!" he called, running down the hallway to catch up with him. "What class do you have now?"

Markiel showed him his English folder that he was holding. Zephyr smiled at him.

"You must be a good student. You're always in the library studying," he said.

Markiel shook his head and pulled out his personal organiser. He appreciated the way Zephyr waited patiently for him to write out his reply. "I just go there to get away from all the noise," he wrote, allowing Zephyr to see it. He couldn't write the real reason he went there - he had no friends and the library was the only place he wasn't bullied and picked on - because he didn't want to sound like a total loser in front of Zephyr.

As if Zephyr had read his mind, a look of saddened understanding crossed his face. Before Markiel could be sure that he saw it, it had gone so he thought he had imagined it. Markiel stopped in front of English class 2B and gestured to the door with his head. "This is my class," he meant.

"You're cute, Markiel. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise," Zephyr told him solemnly. Markiel was puzzled and startled. He was about to ask him what he meant but Zephyr was already hurrying down the hallway waving. "Talk to you later!" he cried out as he disappeared from view.

Markiel was flabbergasted. Why would Zephyr Adams... THE Zephyr Adams talk to me? The loser that can't speak for himself? Why only notice me now? the questions whizzed around his mind. Then one question stuck. Why did he call me cute? Suddenly, he found himself day-dreaming again. Zephyr Adams, the most popular guy in school, the guy everyone wanted to be, called him cute! He was nearly bouncing off the walls with pure delight.

"Markiel? Are you coming into class?" a calculating voice asked, making him start and whip around. His English teacher, Mrs O Donnell, stood with her arms folded. The whole class was standing behind her, whispering and giggling.

Markiel nodded and blushed, edging into the class feeling defeated. He passed a couple of mean guys who were joking around. "Are you gay, Markiel?" one hissed at him, pronouncing his name wrong on purpose. "If you are, don't say anything!" They snickered at him. He ignored them and took his seat at the back of his class.

For the second time that day, Markiel wished he could die.


* I really wanted to write an OC yaoi story. I played with this one a lot. Originally, Markiel was a Japanese exchange student named Aki Takedo. I changed his character the most, because I've always wanted to have a mute as a main character. Hope you enjoy!
* BTW, if these characters bear any resemblance to any other manga/anime it is probably unintentional; however the main characters are based on several different yaoi manga/novels. (For future concerns Markiel is Uke)
*I imagine them to be in their late teens.
*About their names: Markiel I just thought up one night. (It's pronounced as he says in the story. It rhymes with Gabriel). Zephyr actually means 'a small breeze'. Pronounced 'Zeff-fir'
*About Markiel's 'personal organiser': I didn't know how to properly explain it. Basically it's an electronic notepad with a speech function. He can also txt with it, listen to music, set alarms and plan events.