Warning this chapter contains two boys doing something that they shouldn't. (Or Should) Rated M for a reason people!

Markiel lay on his back, looking up at the creamy coloured ceiling. He was smiling, blushing a little as well. Zephyr mounted him like before and gazed down upon the adorable boy. He took in the sight with greedy eyes. He never believed he would ever see the boy turned on; the thought was so obscure to him that even though it was happening in front of him now, he couldn't believe it.

"Just tell me to stop when you've had enough," he whispered, leaning forward and kissing him hard. Markiel leant into the kiss. Their lips parted. For a brief moment there was nothing except quiet panting. Then Zephyr kissed Markiel's neck. He continued down his body, having unbuttoned his shirt previously. He lingered on the boy's nipple, remembering his sensitivity to that particular place.

Markiel was feeling hot and stiff. He squirmed a bit, not used to this pleasure. He gasped when he felt Zephyr's tongue on his nipple. He shuddered a sigh, longing to moan.

He tilted his head, watching Zephyr make his way down his body, sitting back on his hunches once he reached his pant line. Smiling sexily, Zephyr yanked down his pants and underwear.

Blushing brighter, Markiel felt like a pervert. He was being turned on by the fact that the boy was staring at his erection. He jumped slightly when he felt a hand on it, stroking and pulling gently. He gasped and looked back up at the ceiling, not really seeing it. He placed his hand lightly on top of Zephyr's as if guiding him.

Zephyr took this as encouragement and as confirmation that he was doing things right. He surveyed Markiel's face, loving the way he blushed and closed his eyes in pleasure taking in little quick breaths. His own eyes traveled down the pale body, stopping on the boy's penis. He smiled at it, it was just as he had imagined: small, cute and nearly hairless. It was leaking slightly now, so he took the pink tip into his mouth, licking it clean.

Markiel had tears running down his face now, it was so amazing. His hips twitched and he arched his back, wanting to moan and scream in pleasure. The licking was gradually replaced with sucking as Zephyr took the whole thing into his mouth, wanting the mute to come fully.

Pure ecstasy then erupted in Markiel and he exhaled loudly, his hips rocking and head snapping back. Once it had passed, he relaxed back panting heavily. Zephyr swallowed and lay down on top of him, stroking his hair lovingly.

"I've decided I quite like you when you are like this," Zephyr whispered into his ear. "You can be wild when you want to be, can't you?"

Markiel beamed back at him, still floating on clouds of happiness.

"But I need more," he said, stopping the stroking and kissing him. "Is it alright if I go in you? I'll be as gentle as possible," he asked silently. Markiel hesitated for a minute, thinking about it. Was Zephyr the one he wanted to lose his virginity to? The answer was yes and so he nodded.

Zephyr kissed him again. He was still clothed, so he instructed Markiel to unbutton his shirt and take off his pants for him. Markiel fiddled with the shirt, but the pants came off easily. Gulping nervously, he pulled down Zephyr's underwear and saw it for the first time. It wasn't as bad as he thought, but he eyed the size of it apprehensively.

It's pretty big, he thought. Can it really fit in me? All of it? He shivered slightly. He touched it lightly, curiosity taking the better of him. He wanted to know what another boy's penis felt like. He heard the boy moan a bit and glanced up at him in wonder. It must feel good to him as well, Markiel decided.

"Ooh. I like that. Do that again..." Zephyr groaned. Markiel complied to his lover's pleads and stroked it again, more confidently this time. He sat up and watched how Zephyr convulsed in pleasure at his slight touch. It was turning him on.

"Let me open you up," Zephyr muttered, placing a hand on Markiel's chest and pushing him gently onto his back. He took two of his fingers and put them on Markiel's lips. "Suck," he instructed. Markiel did as he was told, sucking on the fingers, wondering why he had to do this.

The fingers were taken from his mouth and suddenly he felt a strange sensation in him. He wriggled a bit, trying to relax his muscles, but it was hard to.

"Relax. Don't tense," Zephyr soothed him, kissing him again. He continued the slow process of working Markiel's hole, kissing his face and neck to relax and calm him.

Once he was finally big enough, Zephyr lifted his legs and placed them on his shoulders. In this strange position, Zephyr entered Markiel for the first time, thrusting his hips almost automatically.

Markiel didn't know where to hold. The pressure in him was suffocating and a bit painful. He held his breath and gazed up at his lover's face. Zephyr had his eyes closed, his mouth was hanging half-open and he was moaning and grunting with euphoria. Markiel wanted to stop. It was starting to hurt more and Zephyr was scaring him.

Then his hips went numb and he was left with an amazing feeling. His hips started to rock with Zephyr's thrusts. He was panting hard, wanting to scream his approval to the world.

As their climax was coming, they became frantic with their movements, excited to finally come to an end. Markiel's mind was blank. He couldn't think. All that existed was Zephyr pushing in deeper and the pleasure tightening his muscles. Zephyr leant in and pashed Markiel hard as they came almost all at once.

They flopped down next to each other, out of breath, hot and sweaty. Markiel rolled over and cuddled into Zephyr's side. He didn't know where his personal organizer was, but he didn't care. He was happy there, lying next to the boy that he loved the most. He peeked at him now and grinned.

"I love you," Zephyr muttered, stroking his face. "Never leave me."

Markiel nodded, never feeling so happy before in his life. He loved this boy with all his being, now more than ever.


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