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This uniform really suits me, Daisuke thought. He messed his hair a bit to give it a casual look. He grabbed his glasses from the table beside him in its case and dropped it into his bag. He looked at his watch and his eyes widened.

'Crap! I'm gonna miss the bus!'

He ran quietly down the stairs and into the kitchen. He stuffed his bento into his bag and then snatched his keys and phone. He ran down the hall and grabbed his jacket hanging beside the front door. He left the house before his parents woke up.

He reached the bus stop just before it left and climbed on. He looked for a free space and spotted a familiar girl.

It's Hana, he thought. I haven't seen her for 2 years. She's attending the same school as me. I bet she won't recognize me cause evenI don't recognize myself.

He walked over to her and smiled. "Can I sit here?" Daisuke asked Hana.

The lilac-haired girl glanced at Daisuke and blushed. She nodded and Daisuke plopped down beside her.

"What's your name?" Daisuke asked.

"Umm, Ha-Hana Asari," she stuttered.

Why is she stuttering? Daisuke thought. Oh, wait. I forgot she doesn't know me.


Hana's voice interrupted his thoughts. He shook his head. "Sorry?"

"I asked for your name," she said softly.

"Oh, Daisuke Ren Fukui," he replied. He held his hand out for Hana to shake. The latter squinted her eyes to examine Daisuke more closely then blushed and took his hand.

Her hands are so soft compared to mine. I've been playing guitar for so long that the tips of my fingers are rough now, Daisuke thought.

"You seem familiar," Hana said, frowning as she continued to stare at him.

Maybe she does recognize me, Daisuke thought.

"You're staring at me," he said.

Hana blushed, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to stare!"

She looked away and Daisuke chuckled. "It's alright,"

Daisuke thought the silence was comfortable but to Hana it felt like she was suffocating. The bus came to a stop and students started to get off.

"See ya around, Hana," Daisuke stood up and patted her head like he did when they were younger.

Hana looked down to hide her flushed face as she stood up.

Daisuke stepped off of the bus and stared at the massive school in amazement. There was a long pathway lined with sakura trees and benches leading to the school's entrance. Some students were sitting under the sakura trees, either reading a book or just hanging out. Daisuke looked at the male population and sighed in relief.

Good thing I blend in as a guy, he thought. He walked down the pathway and towards a crowd a of first year students surrounding the board with the classes on it. He pushed past to the front of the crowd and looked down the list of first year students. He spotted his name under Class 1-A and nodded. Just as he was about to turn around and leave the crowded area, a blonde girl with pink streaks in her hair nudged him.

"Hey, I'm Kyoko Tamiko Yoshida. What's your name?" the girl asked, twirling her hair.

"Daisuke Ren Fukui," Daisuke smiled, oblivious to the girl's flirting.

"What class are you in?"


Kyoko pouted. "I wanted to be in the same class as Daisuke-kun. I'm in Class 1-B."

"I'll make sure stop by and say hi to you then,"

Kyoko giggled. "You're cute,"

"Thanks. You're really cute too," Daisuke grinned. "Well, I'll see you around Yoshida-san,"

Daisuke squeezed past the students but as he got out of the crowd, he stumbled over people's feet and bumped into a boy with black hair and blue streaks. "Sorry, man,"

"Watch where you're going next time," the boy said in an irritated tone as he brushed himself off. "I've got girls to impress,"

Daisuke snorted. "Cocky bastard," he muttered.

The boy whistled to get the attention of the students. The crowd became silent and all turned to him then the girls screamed in excitement. "TOMIKO-SAMA!"

Tomiko winked at them and they squealed. "Just letting you ladies know that I'll be at the main Sakura tree at the back of the school if you girls need entertaining," he smirked putting his hands in his pockets.

"Can't he do his business elsewhere? Seriously, I think these girls just burst my eardrums. Geez, he's so annoying," a boy beside Daisuke whispered.

"Don't let the girls her you. You know how scary Yoshida's fangirls are," another one whispered back.

Yoshida? Is he related to Kyoko-chan? And how does everyone know that...Daisuke squinted at Tomiko. ...guy?

Tomiko walked away and the fangirls followed after him but Daisuke could hear a lot of whispering in the group of students, mostly coming from the remaining girls.

"Hey, who's that guy with the blonde and red hair?"

"He looks so cool,"

"Go ask for his his name,"

I'm drawing too much attention, Daisuke frowned, walking towards the entrance of the school. I better go. I have History for first class.

Daisuke looked for his class and saw a familiar girl walk into his History class just up ahead. It's Hana. I wonder what class she's in.

Daisuke ran inside his class to catch up with her and stretched his hand out to tap her shoulder but he tripped over his own feet. Hana turned around and gasped as Daisuke's body collided with hers. The impact made them roll on the floor and when they stopped, the room went silent and all eyes turned to Daisuke and Hana. Some took their phones out and took pictures.

Daisuke looked at them with a confused look. He looked down at their awkward position and his eyes widened. His leg was between Hana's knees and had his hands on the floor on either side of her head. Heat travelled up Hana's neck and her breathing quickened.

"I'm so sorry!" Daisuke scrambled up and helped Hana to stand up.

Hana's face was as red as a tomato and she looked away from Daisuke. He grabbed her shoulders and bent down to be eye level with Hana. She swore steam was coming out of her ears because of how close Daisuke's face was to hers.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a worried tone. "Did I hurt you?"

Hana could smell Daisuke's cologne and minty breath and blushed at her perverted thoughts. Suddenly, Hana fainted and Daisuke caught her.

"I'll take that as a no," he said under her breath. "Where's the nurse's office? Will someone take her there?"

A girl raised her hand and Daisuke handed Hana to her. "Thanks,"

That was so embarrassing, Daisuke thought as he found a seat at the back of the class. I hope Hana's alright. She scared me half to death when she fainted. Did she hit her head on the floor? I think she did and it's all my stupid fault! She could die because of me or-

Stop overreacting, a voice in his head said calmly.

Who said that? Daisuke thought and then shook his head. I'm going crazy now. There's a voice in my head! And it's the same voice as before! Okay, Ren, okay. Calm down....I can't calm down! I've killed Hana! No. No, you haven't-

A tap on the shoulder made him jump from his seat but it brought him back to reality. A girl with short brown hair handed him a pink envelope and walked quickly away. Daisuke looked at it in confusion. Their History teacher came in and students hurried to take their seats.

Time for a quick nap, Daisuke thought as he laid his head on the table. I may be smart but that doesn't mean I can stay awake for a whole hour listening to a History lesson!

Break Time

Daisuke entered the cafeteria and found a seat at an empty table. It filled up with people as soon as he sat down. He didn't mind them and looked at the five letters he got during his first few classes. He saw Hana walk past his table and stood up.

"Hey, Hana!" he waved her over.

When she was seated, Daisuke scratched the back of his head. "Sorry about what happened in History," he said awkwardly.

"It's fine," she smiled.

That's the Hana I know who doesn't make a big deal of anything, he thought.

"Except for the fact that people took a picture and is posting it on websites for the world to see," Daisuke chuckled.

Daisuke blushed a light pink but shook it off. Hana caught a glimpse of the envelopes Daisuke was holding under the table. "What are those? Love letters?" she asked.

"Pfft! No way!" Daisuke laughed.

Daisuke opened one and quickly read through it. He glanced at Hana and grinned. "I think these are love letters!" he exclaimed.

Hana giggled. "I guess you're Mr. Popular in this school," she said resting her chin on her palm.

"It's only five letters,"

"Only? Nobody gets love letters in this school except for a few people. I bet there's more coming your way,"

"I doubt it,"

"You'll see," Hana laughed lightly. "I have to go, Fukui-san,"

"Alright. See you," Daisuke smiled. "And call me Daisuke,"

Hana nodded and walked away.

"Hey, Mira, right?" Daisuke asked the girl.

The girl nodded her head.

"I got your letter," Daisuke said. "And I think you're a really nice girl so we should be friends,"

"I'd love to be your friend," Mira smiled.

"Great! Glad we settled this," Daisuke hugged her. "How 'bout some bonding time at lunch?"

Bonding?! Mira thought.

"S-sure," she blushed.

Daisuke nodded and ran off. The girl watched him until he was out of sight and squealed which caught the attention of the passing students. She saw her best friend and ran to tell her the news.

"Guess what?" they shouted in unison. "Daisuke Ren Fukui asked me to bond with him at lunch time!" They both gasped and then glared at each other.

"He asked me first, Akira," Mira hissed.

"Well, he likes me better. You know why? Cause he gave me his number!" Akira retorted waving a piece of paper with Daisuke's cursive writing

"Well, did he hug you?"

They growled at each other and stomped away.

Hope Mikoto is conscious now. She just fainted when I hugged her, Daisuke thought wiping imaginary sweat from his forehead. Am I being too friendly? They might take it the wrong way...

Daisuke walked on the school pathway outside and sat on a bench. That pink-haired girl was hard to get off me. She wouldn't let go of me. He slumped on the bench and ran a hand through his hair.

Suddenly, he heard a rumble of footsteps and screaming. He looked at the school's entrance and girls burst out of the doors. Daisuke's eyes widened as about a hundred girls were running towards him, screaming his name. Daisuke quickly stood up and ran for his life.


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