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Suddenly, he heard a rumble of footsteps and screaming. He looked at the school's entrance and girls burst out of the doors. Daisuke's eyes widened as about a hundred girls were running towards him, screaming his name. Daisuke quickly stood up and ran for his life.


Daisuke ran to the side door of the school and pushed it open. He ran in the corridor and as he turned a corner, he bumped into Kyoko.

"Yoshida-san! Come with me!" Daisuke pleaded grabbing her wrist and dragging her along with him.

He saw a door at the end of the corridor and ran towards it.

"Where are we going?" Kyoko panted.

"Janitor's closet," Daisuke said opening the door and pushing Daisuke inside the dark room. He closed the door quickly and leaned on it. He listened to the rumble of footsteps pass by and sighed in relief.

Daisuke looked around as his eyes adjusted in the dark.

"Yoshida-san, where are you?" Daisuke whispered. He tried to feel for the light switch but then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He froze and looked at Kyoko standing behind him. "What are you doing?"

"I knew you'd come running after me sooner or later," Kyoko said lifting her hand to trace his jaw line. She leaned closer to him until their bodies were touching. Daisuke felt something slowly trickling down from his nose. His eyes widened as Kyoko wrapped her arms around his shoulders and closed her eyes. He panicked and pushed her away from him.

"I have to go!" he said in a rush before opening the door and running out. He wiped the back of his hand under his nose and saw that it was streaked with blood.

A nosebleed?! he thought.

Kyoko ran out the door but stopped because he was already out of sight. She huffed and stomped her feet childishly.

Daisuke ran into one of the stalls in the bathroom and locked it. He took some tissue and held it to his nose.

Why am I having a nosebleed?! he thought.

Because the hot girl was making a move on you! a voice said, making Daisuke jump in surprise.

Who said that? Daisuke asked panicking.

Your twin brother of course, the voice said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. You could say I'm your other half.

How is this even possible?!

You ask too many questions,the voice sighed. Let me explain. Whatever my feelings are, you'll start to feel them too. Whatever I think, you'll think the same.

That doesn't make any sense, Daisuke said confused.

You won't understand just yet, the voice said.

Daisuke shook his head and unlocked the door. He threw the tissue into the bin and went over to the sink. He looked into the mirror and washed the dried blood form his face and hands. The door opened and two good-looking boys walked in. The silver haired boy noticed Daisuke at the sink and stopped.

"You're Daisuke Ren Fukui, aren't you?" the boy said.

"And you're Haru Katsumata. Your midget friend over there," Daisuke smirked at the blue haired boy. "is Shiro Nakamoto,"

Haru took a step back in shock. "H-how do you know me?"

"You sit beside me in Maths and you wouldn't stop bugging me about how boring it was," Daisuke sweat dropped.

"Oh! You're the geeky dude with the glasses!" Haru laughed. "Although now you don't look geeky without the glasses,"

"But how do you know me?" Shiro asked suspiciously.

Oh, you know, you just bullied me when I was 9! Daisuke wanted to shout.

"Let's just say you bumped into me before and we're not in good terms," Daisuke said in a low tone.

"Okay..." Haru said pursing his lips. "That's just weird. You only met him today."

"Wait," Shiro said holding one finger up. "You do look familiar..." He squinted his grey eyes at Daisuke and took a step closer.

"Didn't you hear Katsumata? We just met today and you bumped into me," Daisuke rolled his eyes and started heading towards the door. "I'll see you around,"

Daisuke tapped his pen on the table while resting his chin on the palm of his other hand.

"Daisuke, stop that!" the Geography teacher snapped.

"Sorry, sensei," Daisuke muttered putting his pen down. He waited till the teacher turned around before turning to Hana beside him who was playing with her necklace.

That was the necklace I gave her before she moved. We thought we weren't going to the same school, Daisuke smiled. I should give her a hint to remember who I am.

"Who gave you that necklace?" Daisuke whispered.

"Oh," Hana sighed. "It's from my first love," she whispered then blushed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to let that out!"

"It's no problem," Daisuke smiled. "You can trust me,"

First love?! Daisuke thought. But that was from me.

"I've been meaning to tell you this but, somehow, you remind me of someone," Hana whispered.

Daisuke folded his arms and leaned on the table, "Really? Who do you think that someone might be?"

"Daisuke! This is no time to be flirting!" the teacher shouted.

"Sensei, I wasn't-"

"This is your last warning and you're getting detention!"

Daisuke looked away and sighed. Sheesh!

Lunch Time

Daisuke stared at the table full of fangirls. "Come sit with us, Daisuke-sama!" one of them said in a high pitched voice.

He hesitantly took a seat on the empty chair and placed his tray on the table. "Hello, ladies," he smiled. They squealed and he winced.

"Do you want me to get you water?"

"I'll carry your bag for you if you want!"

"Can I sit on your lap?!"

Daisuke was bombarded with questions and requests and he held up his hand, "Calm down. I'm gonna go deaf," he chuckled.

The girls went silent and they suddenly burst into tears, "We're sorry Daisuke-sama!" they cried.

Daisuke waved his hands and started panicking, "Don't cry! That was just a joke!" The girls quieted down and sniffed. The petite girl beside him let out a small cough and wrapped her arms tightly around herself. Daisuke took off his jacket and the girls stared in silence. He draped his jacket over the girl's small frame and the girl looked at him and blushed.

"Did you forget your jacket?" Daisuke smiled. "It's nearly winter, you know. What's your name?"

"Hiromi," the girl squeaked.

"That means 'great beauty', doesn't it? It suits you,"

"Daisuke-sama's so sweet!" the fangirls sighed in admiration.

"Hiromi!" a blonde girl stood up and pointed at the latter. "How selfish of you to take Daisuke-sama's jacket! Now he's gonna get cold!"

"Reika, it's okay," Daisuke said. "I see you didn't bring your jacket either. I don't have my scarf today but we can use body warmth to stay warm,"

Reika blushed when Daisuke said 'body warmth'.

"Come sit beside me," Daisuke smirked, pulling a chair from a nearby table and patting it. "There's no need to be jealous,"

Reika sat on the seat and Daisuke wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Warm enough?" The girl nodded and leaned on Daisuke's shoulder.

"So, girls...tell me about yourselves,"

Sharp blue eyes glared at the crimson eyed boy. So, he's the guy stealing all my girls, he thought. I think I need a word with him. He heard the girls giggle and he clenched his fist. Only I can make the girls giggle like that.

The blonde boy with the red tips that he was observing stood up from his table and left the cafeteria. The blue-eyed boy followed him silently.

"Sorry, ladies. Have to go," Daisuke said. The girls pouted in disappointment. "Don't worry. I'll be here for the next 4 years. So I'll see you girls around,"

"Bye, Daisuke-sama!"

Daisuke smiled before turning around and leaving the cafeteria. He went into the bathroom and entered one of the stalls. After, doing his 'business' he unlocked the door and went to wash his hands.

He frowned, What was I doing with those girls?!

Actually, I made you do that,the voice said. Remember? We're connected.

But now everyone will think I'm a playboy!

Who cares what they think? You enjoyed it anyway, didn't you?

I guess it was pretty fun...

See? We feel the same.

But you made me do it. That means you can control me!

I just wanted to flirt with them. My feelings are connected with yours and you felt the same way. I can only control you if we both have mutual feelings. You wanted to flirt with them too. I only controlled you cause you wouldn't have done anything. You didn't even know how you felt about those girls. You just go with the flow. And that's why I'm here to help you.

This is so confusing. My head hurts from thinking about it. I didn't understand a word you just said.

Relax. You stress too much over things.

Just then, Daisuke noticed a boy with black hair and blue streaks leaning against the wall. The boy smirked at him as Daisuke squinted at him. They stared in silence at each other.

"Who are you?" Daisuke asked bluntly.

"How can you not know me?" he said cockily. "Everyone knows me,"

"Why should I know you?" Jace asked. "And how does everyone know you?

"Well, let's see," Tomiko counted on his fingers. "I'm rich, good-looking and my dad is the manager of a famous company. It's every girls dream to be with a guy like me,"

"Don't forget that you're cocky aswell, Tobi," Daisuke commented.

"It's Tomiko!" he said getting annoyed.

"Aha! I got the 'T' in your name right, then!" Daisuke smiled proudly.

"This isn't what I wanted to talk to you about," Tomiko said through gritted teeth.

"Look," Daisuke sighed. "I know you're a girl,"

The room went silent as Tomiko's eyes widened in shock. How'd he find out?! he thought and then shook his head to keep his composure. His shock changed into annoyance.

He stomped over to Daisuke and poked his shoulder, "Look here, pal. Let's get to the point. Stay away from those girls and stop flirting with them. That's my job and those girls are mine and mine alone, got it, playboy?"

"Whatever," Daisuke smirked and headed towards the door. "Don't get your knickers in a twist,"

"Shut up!"

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