Hey guys! I haven't posted in forever but this is something that I started to work on ages ago and am now posting! This was inspired by a conversation with a friend about people's view on appearances.

Hope you enjoy!


It's human nature to judge by appearance. One molds another based on their vision of their appearance. Only when one finds their appearance to their satisfaction do they look deeper. Only then, would one care about something as mundane as the heart.

Of course, awareness of this doesn't exempt one from looking at the world in the same superficial way as the rest. The only difference is that the aware looks at the mundane sooner. For the sole reason of separating themselves from the rest. To discover what others would not. To be more than human.

At least, that's what I always believed. Until Eri.

Eri, the beautiful Eri. Long, beautiful, flowing light-brown hair; big, curious, eyes that are so blue, you drown; small, perfectly shaped nose; pink lips that slightly parts when she is thinking; soft, milky-white skin; and a perfect body with her small waist and nice breasts. Whenever she enters a room you can feel everyone hold their breath, their heart stopping, waiting to see who she will acknowledge first, leaving you wishing and earnestly hoping to be noticed, for her to glance in your general direction with those eyes that can pierce through your heart. One cannot help but lust for her. A lust seen in every eye as they lick their dry lips. Eri, whose beauty is both adored and feared. Eri, the epitome of beauty. Eri, the Goddess.

Once in a while, a brave soul approaches her and asks her out and in less than a week, they are through. Who dumps who? Some claim to dump her because she "isn't all she's cracked up to be" or they were "tired of her." However, no one believes them. There is no doubt in people's mind that those are excuses to save face, to have the bragging rights to have dumped Aphrodite. Sooner or later those people will get hurt. Nothing positive comes from insulting a goddess.

Class had ended and I realized that I've been staring at Eri for more than ten minutes. My eyes followed her as she packed her bag and got up. I couldn't help it.

But for a magical nanosecond, she turned her head and our eyes almost met. Of course, I was the one to break that possibility of contact. Her eyes continued to pierce through me as I stuffed my books in my bag and ran out of the classroom. It was too much. I couldn't help it.

Lust is a sin that I couldn't control.

The following day, as I walked out of the classroom, I hear an angel sing my name, Nicky. I pause. A chill goes down my spine as the voice echoes in my ears, beating on my ear drum. Nicky, I hear my name again, closer. Slender fingers touched my shoulder and my heart stopped only to beat again, faster, louder. There's no doubt that the angel could feel the beating with her delicate fingertips. I feel the hand moving. The shuffling sound of shoes moving from behind me. I couldn't breath. The angel is in front of me.

This was real. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't a mirage. This was real.

Her bright smile as she stood there, looking at my face with those eyes. Those lovely eyes. I was drowning yet I couldn't look away. Her lips moved, her angelic voice constantly beating in my ears. So loud, I couldn't understand a single word. What was happening? Why was she here, in front of me? Why was she gazing so deeply into my eyes? Surely this was her way of killing me. It is a death that I quickly accept.

Her lips stopped moving and there was a flicker across her eyes, pulling me from the depths of the ocean, allowing me to take a single breath. She looked away and turned. Walking further and further away from me. The angelic goddess will never again be in my sight. That was the closest I would get. That lucky moment. We were together, alone in this world. Never again. She was gone.

Those are eyes I am sure to never forget. Pulling me deeper and deeper into the ocean. Releasing me only with- what exactly?

The more I think of it, the more I believe it to be simply my imagination. What was that look in her eye? It is a look no goddess should have. It is a look that is all too human. It is a look filled with everything Pandora released into this rotten world.

How shameless of me to pull her down to the level of a mere mortal. I erase those thoughts. She is a goddess, an angel, proof that there is a heaven. She is perfection.

As the days went by, I was quick to noticed that Aphrodite really did leave my sight. A deep yearning to see those eyes overcame me. Even just a glimpse of her would satisfy my want, my need. Her beauty is a drug.

How cruel can this Goddess be to hold me underwater only to leave me wanting more? I am being punished. Surely, I have angered the Gods. How dare I pull a goddess down to the level of a mere mortal? How dare I lust for her to the point of thinking of demanding to see her? She is a goddess. I am a mortal.

One night, I dreamt a wonderful dream. Maybe the Gods weren't angry after all.

In this dream I sat by my window looking at the bridge below. There, I watched an angel spread its delicate wings. She looked at me and once again I couldn't help but become her captive. In those few sweet moments I was once again hers. Be it a pet or a slave, I would be happy to be owned by her. To be owned by something that defies all beauty.

In this dream I sat by my window and watched as the angel leaped from where she stood. With those graceful wings she flew. Away from this diseased world. To the world she belonged. Eri, the Goddess. Maybe for now, I am satisfied. To see such a wonderful sight, surely that is a blessing.

Days go by and I find myself staring at the television. In front of my eyes is a disgusting bloated body. Gray and lifeless. Accompanied by the words suicide and depression. I turn it off. I couldn't allow this to ruin the lingering image of the goddess of my dream.

I walked out into the warm day, to the bridge where the beautiful goddess flew. I look down, annoyed to still see the yellow police tape below. The wind gently blew and I raised my head to feel the heat of the sun beating on my skin. I felt an angel smiling down at me, calling me as I touched the ledge where she once stood.

Oh, how human I am. I smile and walk to school.

It was quite difficult to end this and I hope the ending was not too abrupt. If it is, let me know via reviews! Thanks for reading!