(days/weeks/months later means after the last chapter)


2 days later

"Why haven't you done it yet?" Christi asked Brian.

"She's been gone the past few days, I haven't gotten the chance," Brian said.

"Well, there she is, so go break it to her."

Zoey walked down the hall. She'd been sick, so Brian couldn't turn off the effects of the pill on her. It would take just a single touch. Zoey noticed Brian and ran up to him with a big smile on her face. When she reached him, she grabbed his hand and her face changed into a more serious look.

"Hey, Brian," Zoey started, "I wanted to talk to you about that date we had. If you're not ready to love me as much as I love you, then I think we should see other people. I hope you understand."

"Completely," Brian said, trying to conceal the smile threatening to occur.

"Good. See you around."

Zoey turned and walked away, while Brian went back to Christi and placed his hand in hers.

3 days later

Ryan looked at the woman walk. She was a very petite woman. She wore a white skirt and a yellow tank top. Ryan had a feeling something would happen. He just knew.

A man suddenly runs out of an alleyway and grabs her purse. She tries to hold on, but the man pulls it out of her hands, and the woman stumbles to the ground.

Ryan opened his eyes. He had planned to go to the movies with his friends on the day he was looking at, but he supposed he'd show up a little late.

2 weeks later

Roxy was in the woods, about ready to take one of her pills.

"Hey, girl."

Roxy turned and saw Tim, wearing a new black jacket over a plain red shirt, new jeans and his hair cut considerably shorter than it was originally. Roxy ran up to him, hugged and kissed him.

"You look great, Tim!" Roxy complimented.

"You do too, as always. So, what're you doing out in the woods?" Tim asked although he knew the answer.

"I was about to take a little fly around the forest," Roxy answered.

"Can I have a pill?"

"Tim, you said you'd never take one of these pills ever again," Roxy reminded him.

"I know, but what harm could your do?"

Roxy put a pill in Tim's hand. "Once you take it, imagine and bird - except a flightless one, obviously - and whatever maneuver you wish to do, just imagine the bird doing that. You have to imagine that bird at all times."

They both took a pill. Tim imagined an eagle lifting off. He was suddenly in the air. Roxy flew in next to him. Tim laughed. Roxy reached for Tim's hand and they kept their fingers interlocked as they flew.

1 month later

Jedd dropped his still overstuffed duffle bag on the floor of his and Tim's apartment. It had a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. It already had most furniture and appliances needed: a couch, coffee table, a dining table with chairs, and a fridge/freezer. They'd have to sleep in their sleeping bags until they could afford beds of their own, and they're clothing and valuables would stay in boxes until they could buy shelving and dressers.

"How long do you think it would take to pay for that?" Tim asked.

"I don't know, but Geoff quit yesterday, so there's and open cook position at work."


"Yeah. I already told Fred. He'll see what I can do, and if it's satisfactory, I'll start training," Jedd smiled.

"Hey, that would mean there would be an open bus boy position," Tim pointed out.

"I'll put in a good word for you," Jedd promised.

"Thanks, man."

"Okay, it's time to set some ground rules," Jedd said. "First, don't bring Roxy over at night, you know what I mean?"

Tim laughed. "Ok, you don't bring Maddy over for the same intentions."

1 month later

Maddy tried to read her book, but she couldn't. It was just too bland for her liking. She closed it and threw it to the edge of her bed. She stared out the window. She wanted him to drop by. she willed him appear.

A robin landed outside Maddy's window. She immediately got up and opened the window. The robin flew into Maddy's closet, which she closed. Later, Jedd came out wearing a Rise Against t-shirt and black jeans. Maddy jumped onto Jedd and started kissing him. Jedd barely managed to stay on his feet. He placed his hands on her back and returned the kiss. Maddy put her arms around Jedd's neck. They just stood there and kissed.

Maddy pulled away and looked into Jedd's eyes. "I'm glad you can come over to just see me instead of making sure I'm okay."

2 months later

Troy's English class was given the assignment to elaborate on any life lesson they had ever learned. Troy already knew what he was going to write:

The Value of Life

Life is a very valuable thing. Some people don't realize just how valuable it is. They would give their life away to get the things they want. I used to be one of those people, but I've learned that life isn't something to be wasted. It's good to reach for out dreams, but your life is too much to pay for reaching them. We live on average up to seventy years old. That seems like a long time, but if you don't pay attention, you could be sitting in a retirement home before you even realize it. You remember things so well, you think it happened just a month ago, but it was actually years ago. Then you notice just how fast your life is going by. Spend your time wisely, because life is the most valuable thing on this planet.