sandpaper sunshine and machine-gun moonlight

there are times when i just want to
rip the pages of my heart
and rewrite every damned thing
because nothing makes
much sense anymore

and more often than not,
i keep the words from my lips
tangled with stolen lines
that are smeared
with cheap poetry

the bottom-line? i envy you
yes you, with the au naturel talent
and the effortless way you have
with midnight imagery
and daybreak metaphors

you can see beauty in the
simplest of things and
it makes me yearn to borrow
your imagination and maybe even
pilfer your tongue for a day
just so i could taste
what it is you see

the way the sandpaper sunshine
kisses you good morning and the
way the machine-gun moonlight
bids you good night

the way everything is going nowhere
and is spinning in circles and the
only way you can escape from reality
is to fall deep down the rabbit hole

there is madness in
every corner but i guess
you like it that way

and i suppose you can find poetry
in every corner of your mind
and just like dreams, they all
lay buried where heaven
and earth used to touch

all i have to do is to close my eyes
and let my thoughts run away
from the twilight and let dawn
work its magic

darling, thank you for igniting my muse
to sputter out sparks and vandalize
this piece of paper with graffiti-coated
reveries and for fueling my notions
with chaotic order that only
you can inspire