Depression and rage are eating me up today.
My Christmas spirit is completely washed away.
I see instagramed photographs spamming Facebook.
There's no way to stop, I must take a look,
And my heart swells at the sight of a newborn,
Adoring, until I see the author and my heart is torn.

A girl I know, with a kid she had out of high school,
Desperately in love with the boy, made him out to be a fool.
A baby would keep them together.
They'd be so in love, forever and ever
Stopped taking her pills, let nature do its thing,
And she thought she was blessed, he thought it was a fling.

But this was only a boy, not even a man.
He had his whole life ahead of him; this wasn't part of the plan.
This boy was no good for her anyway, why couldn't she see?
Who will the father of that precious baby girl be?

She kept her baby and did it alone,
A family of two, her very own.
Years later, a new boy catches her eye.
This one may actually be a decent guy,
But he's young, and still immature.
They wanted the same things, she was sure.
Forgot her selfishness and got knocked up once more,
Bringing her little puppet family up to four.

This one manned up and the two wed.

A father for her babies, just as she'd wanted.
Into her pregnancy, not after too long,
The obligated marriage started to go wrong,
He wanted to go out,
Her mind filled with doubt.
Both were now trapped and all they did was fight,
Begrudgingly deciding to do what was right.
Did not divorce, and changed their mind.
Personally, I think it's only a matter of time.

Her new baby arrived, this time a boy,
A handsome, adorable little bundle of joy.
Her first beautiful child just turned five,
And she thinks she is the luckiest woman alive.
She posts that thought on her wall,
Boasts about her family and husband to all.

I watch in envy at the photos I see.
Happily married, my husband and me.
Though I desperately long for my own child,
We have decided to wait a while.
Because my man simply isn't ready,
He wants our income to be more steady.

My conscience and devotion keeps me from my dreams.
All I want to do is scream.
And that filthy whore
Brags some more
About how she has everything.
My body boils and eyes sting,

She cheated her way to my happy ending.

A/N: This poem was meant to get my feelings out there, not to cause any problems. Please keep any negativity about my character out of it.