i wish it was quiet.

too many loud voices

screaming in my ear

demanding too much of me.


i don't have anything to give.

my heart's already been stolen &

im sure my brain doesn't even work


(if it did,

i wouldn't be in this situation,

now would i?)


doesn't anyone understand

that i don't like the rush.

why can't we take it slow?

slow your hands, hush your voice.

boy, my ears are fragile.


the only thing i can hear clearly

is the sound of



maybe its my heart

but maybe its my soul.

'cause you're just





by the end of this,

i'm bound to be the most jaded girl

you've ever met.

do you feel pride,

knowing that you made me like that?


i hope you do.


and i hope that devil

drags you




for it.