It was during the after-party of our Junior Prom. While all my other friends had disappeared to do things unspeakable, I had decided to take a breather and step out for a while.

I had gone on a long walk, stopping on occasion to take in the house we were at had a jungle/paradise type of theme to it. I had briskly walked by a group of my classmates; some I recognized, some I didn't. I had reached a few feet from the group before I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to come face to face with Arthur, also known as my ex.

He was still wearing his suit of the event with his sky blue tie. My date and I had gone with the same color scheme for the night so my strapless dress matched his outfit.

My friend had made the stupidest remark about my dress earlier.

"Dude, you're usually good at hiding your boobs Kiara. But woah! If I were any boy, I'd be staring at those things all night!" Her response was a pillow in the face.

"Mind if I walk with you?" He finally said breaking the silence.

"No, not at all." I answered quickly.

We had walked for quite awhile in silence before Arthur had decided to speak again.

"We haven't talked for quite awhile huh?" Arthur said while letting out a small chuckle.

My mind had immediately filled itself with memories. We would sometimes spend hours on the phone just talking about life. He was someone I could confide in; he knew things that my friends had no idea about.

I had been so afraid of falling in love with him.

"Yeah." I said as I forced out a chuckle.

I soon let out a loud laugh out of nowhere.

"Why are you laughing?" He said, raising an eyebrow at me.

"It's so funny seeing how things have changed. It felt like just yesterday that I was denying the fact I was in love with you." I said before taking a breather.

And in a sudden he had placed his arm around me, in a friendly non-intimate way of course. His embrace was surprising and I shrugged and wrapped my arms around my waist as we continued walking.

We continued to talk about our past relationship for the next few minutes.

I had grown tired of walking and we decided to settle under a gigantic sycamore tree that overlooked the nearby lake. There was nothing romantic about our current situation. Or at least, I didn't think so.

Arthur and I continued to talk for what seemed like forever. Our conversations made me laugh like old times. I wondered how I got by without talking to him every day.

We talked about how when we first went out.

"We were so innocent!" I exclaimed as I nudged him playfully.

"And look at us now!" He responded before we burst out laughing.

"Remember how you asked me out?" I mentioned after we finished laughing.

"How could I forget? It's the biggest thing I've ever done for a girl." He said giving me a smile that would make any other girls' heart melt.

My mind immediately flashbacked to May 31st, 2010.

I had been pushed into a classroom blindfolded unbeknownst that my crush of 2 years would be asking me out on this very day.

"I will seriously kill you guys if you don't get this blindfold off of me now!" I said threatening my friends. I was really feisty then.

"Fine, fine!" My best friend, Mae, had said, taking off my blindfold and immediately putting up her hands in surrender. Before I could punch her, she spins me around and faces me towards Arthur.

I immediately get shy; which is unlike the usual strong-willed, won't let a boy make me weak at the knees, independent type of girl. He's really the only guy that has changed that.

"Hey." I said cooly; trying to fight off all of these butterflies.

"Hey." He responded with the same cool.

By this point, I had become quite aware of my surroundings. Arthur was holding a piece of paper in his hand. A crowd had built around us. My friends were giggling like crazy. And 30 people surrounded me and Arthur; each and every one of them holding a rose.

"So, Ms. Kiara. I'm about to tell you 30 things I've come to like about you." He said, looking quite nervous about the whole situation. The crowd had built to the extent where even I was uncomfortable.

Anthony soon came up to me and handed me a rose.

Arthur's shaky voice came out. "Number 1: Your personality. A person's personality is practically a gateway. You know, once you love someone's personality, everything about them becomes beautiful to you." He finished his line with a bit more confidence compared to when he started. I couldn't help but smile at that point. I have to admit, it was cute.

Next up was Logan. He came up to me, handed me the rose, and pulled me in for a hug. Logan was like an older brother to me. Before finishing up the hug, he whispered in my ear. "If he ever breaks your heart, I'll personally break his face just for you sis." He gave me one more reassuring hug before Arthur continued. "Number 2: Your eyes. They really are beautiful. Especially compared to mine. My eyes are like an ugly brown. Looking into yours is like getting lost in a pool full of chocolate."

Jay approached me right after Arthur finished. I had wanted to punch my feelings in the throat by now. They were acting up; making me feel like a girl. Something, I definitely didn't want to show at the moment.

Once I received that rose, Arthur cleared his throat and began for the third time. "Number Three: Your smile. No, not the one you fake in photos but the genuine ones. The ones where you're laughing and smiling like you don't have a care for the world."

I stood there, rose after rose, contemplating that I would be blushing if I weren't dark-skinned.

Eventually, we reached number 31. Arthur had disappeared saying he would be back. He came back with a dozen balloons, a box of chocolates, a gigantic teddy bear, and one more rose.

"Number 31: I like you. Simple enough right? Would you mind taking a chance with me and becoming my girlfriend?"

I smiled and hugged him; accidentally popping one of the balloons. "Did I mention that you're really cute when you're clumsy?" He said before I punched him playfully.

It had taken a while for Arthur to bring me back to reality after I started reminiscing.

"Kiara? Are you there?" Arthur said for the last time.

"Did you know that I still have that gigantic teddy bear you gave me when you asked me out?" I said out of the blue.

"Really?" He said before letting out a deep chuckle.

"Yeah." I said before giving him a soft smile.

"That bear was as big as you when I gave it to you." He said as he chuckle once again.

I nudged him playfully before exclaiming, "It was not!"

"Whatevers." He said, nudging me over and over again.

"I will seriously push you into the lake Arthur."

"And out comes her feisty side!" He exclaimed before shedding off his jacket and tie before jumping into the clear lake.

I definitely didn't expect that. And I didn't expect the next events following that either.

The moon's reflection danced in the water as Arthur tried to splash me. He had stopped splashing, urging me to come to the edge of the lake.

"Promise you won't splash me?" I said, looking at him. "I promise. Trust me."

My mind flashbacked. That was the same exact thing he said to me before he broke my heart.

I let my feet take me to the water's edge as I resumed my lying position on the ground.

I watched as he swam up to me carefully, trying not to splash me.

He stopped at about a foot away from me.

"Come for a swim?" He begged, putting on his pouty face.

I gave him an "Are you serious?" look. "Do you know how expensive this dress is? And how long it took me to find it?" Soon enough, I started going on and on and on about how perfect this dress is to me.

"Oh Kiara, sweet, innocent Kiara." Arthur said after I finished ranting.

In a deep voice, he finished. "There is a such thing as taking your dress off."

I could say it was instinct or just plain bad luck for him. I slapped him, leaving a big fat red mark across his face.

"Well," He started after getting over the shock of me slapping him. "I definitely asked for that."

We both burst out laughing after his remark.

It had taken quite a while for us to both realize the position we had ended up in.

His face was a mere two inches from mine. My breath immediately hitched in my throat.

Before he had the chance to lean forward, I backed off.

"We can't do this Arthur. We just can't." I said, breathless.

"Why not?" He said raising his eyebrow skeptically.

"We're exes." I said with a straight face.

"So?" He said as he inched his face closer to mine.

"If you don't want me to do this Kiara, just say stop." He said before leaning in even closer.

It was a split second decision, and let's just say I didn't say stop.

He captured my lips with his before I even realized that it was our first kiss together. My first kiss ever actually. He moved his lips perfectly against mine, like I was spending a few brief seconds in paradise.

We separated with a "Woah."

"I knew I should've kissed you back in 7th grade. Maybe you would've been mine til now." He said, still a little out of breath.

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