Howling laughter filled her ears,

Holding herself she cried silently,

Feeling the eyes upon her,

Mocking her for who she was,

A Monster,

Like a caged beast,

Dilated pupils,

Foaming at the mouth,

Rage burning a hole in her frozen heart,

A Monster,

Deserving only to be shunned,

To be locked away,

Forgotten by the world,

Left buried deep underground,

Her cavern,

Her home,

A Monster,

Not meant to be loved,

Not meant to be shown mercy,

Not even worth charity,

A lost cause,

A Monster

The light it burned,

Leaving scars and memories,

But when she found the way out,

When he showed her the way,

The light warmed her,

Thawed her heart,

The new things,

He showed her things forgotten in the dark ages,




And friendship,

No longer hated,

The rage melted away,

Smile became radiant,

Large golden eyes,

Fearing only bugs and horror movies,

Not a Monster,

Just a Girl...