You'll never get out

You can't do this

Just give it up, girl

You'll never succeed

Your head's barely above water

The demons are closing in

They all know you're a fraud

The can see through your lies

Through your fa├žade

Just give it up

Let go of this crazy idea (called life)

Do as they say

Those strange people in the whitewhite coats

If you listen, maybe, maybe they'll let you go

But wait-

That's right-

You don't want to be let go

(I forgot)

Just let it go, little girl

If you really didn't want to-

If you really wanted to stay-

Then you wouldn't be here

(On this roof)

So just let go

Give it up little girl

It's just one step

And you can't go backwards

(The demons are there, remember)

Just take one step